July 2, 2013 Prompt “Heads we get married; tails we break up.”

"Heads we get married; tails we break up."

Isn’t that what you said, rat face? Who does that kind of thing? Oh, sure it seemed cute then. You didn’t even let me call it. Now look where we are: standing in front of the congregation, me holding the flowers, you holding the ring, looking all pasty white faced, pink nosed, and terrified, like someone was holding a shotgun to your head (speaking of heads).

"Heads we get married; tails we break up."

Well, I’ve been ‘headed’ toward this altar all 19 years. It’s been waiting, waiting with a trap door and a chute, and just now I realized it.

There’ll be children and cheating, and cooking and cleaning. And fifty years on, with the toss of a coin, it’ll all be gone.

Um, what did you say?

Yes. I do.


Lynne Webster

Poetic Form Challenge

April 16, 1963

MLK Jr. wrote to me,

“Child sit not by idly

when injustice you see.

What sears another

also burns thee.”




Lynne Webster


evasive dancing

as a candle’s flame moves

out of reach in the haunted light


Nancy Nation

The purple iris swaying gently
Back and forth, in the morning breeze
Without a care in the world.
God’s unique creation.
It is elegant.
Beauty unmatched
and um pah pah
Dancing in my bones,
Bratwurst downed with frothy beer
Ellynore Smith

Dreaming again layers of silk pass

between my slumbering fingertips

A soft sensation slips from

My serene  somnolent self

It seeks the submissive

Folds that they may

Wrap me up in



Chris Howard

Where Will It Be Found

Prompt: “where will it be found?”

That inspiration, that incentive, that motivation, that encouragement, where will it be found? What is it that energizes the mind and body to be creative, is it a seed we are all born with, that will grow with the proper amount of water and fertilizer, that sometimes can’t grow because of a hostile environment? Is it simply a vocation chosen for reasons of money, fame or need? What inspired Michelangelo? What inspired Dickens? What inspired the Bronte sisters? Did they know what they were adding to our world?

Lorraine Wait

Prompt Feb 26, 2013 _____ Changed Everything

Bob changed everything!  I am a pack rat.  No, really, I am a pack rat, beady eyes, long slender tail, the works.  I have lived in the upstairs attic of a very classy vacant home in Oro Valley and have been happily undisturbed for the past three years, just living a pack rats life. Then Bob, actually Bob and Carol, come along and want to buy my home.  Ugh!
They were so excited.  Below me I could hear their irritating comments:  “Oh, look at that view Bob,” or ” I can not believe this house has been on the market three years,” or “What a steal, only 340K.”
“I’ll fix em!”
The day of the home inspection was quite a lot of fun.  My friends and I spent the evening before the big event pooping, laying waste to the insulation, bringing our crap in from the desert and even invited some termites over for a party.
You know what?  We have not seen hide nor hair of Bob or Carol.  I am at peace, once again in my vacant home in Oro Valley by the desert.
Pat Stone

A computer changed everything. I was a young and lonely soldier stationed at the Presidio Of San Francisco. My social life with the opposite sex was nil. Generations of service men passing through the city had led local parents to tell their daughters “Little Red Riding Hood” stories in which the wolf always wore olive green.

While taking a night class at a local college I came across a computer dating application. For only $3.00 and by answering just thirty questions it promised to provide the names of at least five compatible women.

A few weeks later I received a reply. It had fifteen names but as I tried to call I found phones busy, no answer or “got a boyfriend already”.

Finally I was able to connect with Mary and 45 years later we are still connected. I suspect that we may have been one of the first computer marriages and all for only $3.00


Writing prompt 12-11-12

Our prompt this week was Shreds of Doubt

It was Christmas Eve and the twins did not want to go to sleep. I tried the “Santa won’t come if you don’t go to bed” routine that had worked in prior years, but this year, the twins just looked at me and laughed. I think they had shreds of doubt that Santa existed. After all, they had started elementary school this year and who knows what the older kids had told them. I didn’t want the magic to end, so I just told them I was going to bed and if there were no presents under the tree in the morning, it was their fault. I turned off all the lights, put out the Santa cookies and went to my room. I put on my pajamas and climbed into bed. I could here the twins giggling downstairs. Next thing I know, the sun was streaming through the window. Uh, oh, I had fallen asleep. What would the twins say when there were no Santa gifts under the tree? The magic would be ruined. I hurried downstairs to find tons of presents under the tree and all the Santa cookies gone. The twins were sound asleep under the tree as well. What had happened? Who ate the cookies? Who put the presents under the tree? I didn’t know, but I had shreds of doubt that Santa maybe was real after all.

By Bev Ribaudo