Prompt – June 26, 2018 – Use the following words: drink – call – space – ladder – jam – cliff

Hiking along the trail that led to the Kilauea volcano, I looked forward to experiencing the beauty and peace that I always felt when I visited this beautiful area.  I needed to get away from my hectic life in Honolulu.  It seemed as though my days were spent trapped in traffic jams and crazy nonstop days at work.

Today is my day; I thought as I finally reached a cliff overlooking the island below.  Taking a drink of water, I felt my body relaxing as I inhaled the fresh air and the beauty of this incredible island.  Just for today, I knew that I could forget trying to climb the ladder of success.

Yes!  Aloha!  This is my time!

Jean Dunston


I can see into space

Up the ladder I went

I couldn’t find the name

I couldn’t see a face

But time is short

I mixed myself a drink

I made the call

The man in the moon

Was in a jam

He fell off the cliff

He was

All over the room

I fixed him up

The best I could

I just happen to have

A jar of Elmer’s glue

A fable of time and measure

A fable of just what

Not to ever do

When given a prompt

You can’t pull

Yourself through

©Tim Segrest, 2018

Sept.27, 2016 – You are standing in a forest when suddenly a ____ falls out of the sky.

The tall trees formed a dense, green canopy over my head.  Hearing the whistling sound of the bird I had come to see, I stood still, listening. Camera ready, finger on the shutter, I waited. There it was again. I crept as silently as I could toward the sound.  There in front of me, a patch of sunlight beckoned. I saw the bird light on the ground. As I took the picture, I heard another sound. It wasn’t the sound of a creature of the forest. It was the whistling of an incoming object. I looked up as a large boulder crashed through the trees.  I stood still, seeing smoke above the clearing.

The volcano I had read about? Could it be starting to blow?

Another boulder fell close to the first. I ran then, out of the canopy of the trees, to the field in front of me.


I rubbed my eyes and stared, not moving from the edge of the field.

Karen Hydock