December 8, 2015 -Prompt – Up on the Housetop

Up on the house top

I remember when my youngest baby was born in 1979; he was particularly gregarious. Who would ever suspect a baby a year old would be so mesmerized with Christmas lights. One night our family went on a car ride through the neighborhood, the baby pointed his finger and said, ‘Oh, Oh’s’ making us all laugh. We were thrilled. Our Christmas Season was more joyful than it had ever been. His older sisters laughed and mocked him with their ‘Oh, Oh’s.” His next word was three words run together. He would touch the stove knobs and turn around to see who was looking and say, leavitalone. We thought he was adorable. He also loved to play the piano, one key at a time. He added his part to his sister’s rendition. Except for putting the Christmas tree lights and bulbs higher and higher on the tree every day, we had a wonderful time.

Carmel Westerman


He stood, frozen in place.
One hour earlier he had climbed the rickety old ladder to the roof to take down Santa and what seemed like miles of colored lights.
Having secured the last bunch, he stepped back to admire his work. Not too bad, he thought, and then decided to look the neighborhood over from this vantage spot.
Looking to the north, he frowned as he took in the flashy, overdone yard the Albrights.
South was the Henderson’s and their southwestern décor.
East, nothing, as usual from the Brown’s.
As his gazed west, his heart skipped a beat!
He looked more carefully at the shadows in the Irving’s back yard. Yes, there was movement!
He knew Mrs. Irving was alone. Her husband always worked late on Friday.
Trying to get to his cell phone, he realized his heavy snow gloves were making it impossible. Taking off the gloves he finally retrieved the cell from his jean pocket when he heard a scream and then a loud bang.
The Irving’s front door burst open, and he could see the outline of a huge figure, dressed in black, outlined in the light from the living room.
The figures head snapped right and left as he scanned the streets before stepping out into the quiet and deserted street.
The man on the roof was frozen in shock and disbelief. He tried to step back and move behind the brick chimney, but he dropped the string of lights and in the still, cold evening, they echoed off the roof top like firecrackers.

Mary Hanley