May 31, 2016 – Prompt – You find a twenty dollar bill tell its story

What is that fluttering in that grassy spot? Holy smokes its a $20 bill. How did it get here? Where did it come from?


As I picked it up it started talking to me. “You know lady I was born in the Philadelphia mint and now I am getting old, I’m almost 10 years old. I’m way past my prime. But I have had a life, believe you me. “


“My first trip was from the mint’s cutting room to the Brink’s truck and then taken to a bank in downtown Philly. From there I was shipped out to Chicago with lots of my friends. While there we were rebound ad eventually ended up in a tellers drawer.”


“We spent most of the day there as people were putting money in and not taking any out. Finally some well-dressed dude came in and cashed a check for $100. So four friends and myself left with him. What a night we had. After dinner where he left one of my friends we headed for a bar. I was the second $20 he spent there. I ended up in this dark and smelly till. Not to happy with that.”


“Next morning I was back at the bank. Only now I was not brand new, but a little wrinkled and some worse for wear.   Soon a young mother picked me up, she traded me for milk and some other groceries. The grocer then used me to pay a tradesman for some baked goods. Bread and sweet rolls I think.”  

Valerie Cook