March 15, 2016 – Prompt-I hope you know that my name is actually_____

I hope you know that my name is actually Rusty Boltz. I know…my parents have a sick sense of humor. But I’m a red-head, so it suits me. My Dad has his own construction company. Yup, their moniker is “Nuts & Boltz” — pretty screwy, eh?

Jeanne Browning


I hope you know my name is actually Chantrel Squire as I am a writer in my own mind.  Not a mushroom that comes out in the Spring or Fall but a bonafide Writer who along with experiences has a vivid imagination of how life should be.  Not the doldrums of everyday life but the breath of Spring of fresh mowed grass or the sweet smell of a new rain dampening the dust.  If you can’t feel, smell and hear how life is then you need to read about how it should be.

So for all of that are walking around in a fog just placing one foot ahead of the other, experience.  Like Calgon take me away-a good bubble bath and book of another era, time and/or place.

That is all it takes to know what you are doing and where you are today means something to someone besides yourself.

So get with it, step outside yourself and learn a new way of experiencing you life on the edge of your World and share with someone.  They shall truly benefit from your experiences.

Carol Bouchard