Jan. 9, 2018 – Prompt – Star,Milk,Book,

My presentation: Hollywood movie stars will milk every word, every dollar out of your book.

Kevin Draper


Dear fellow travelers,

Hi, my name is Smudge! I’m a stray male cat who just got a new home. I had a family once before, and thanked my lucky stars every night – but something happened and then there was no food, no milk, no family.

I lived on the street for awhile and it was pretty rough. And then I found a house where a nice lady set out food for visitors like me.

She knew I was afraid, so she would sit with her book and be really still, talking sweet to me. She kept at it, twice a day for about 30 days.

And, one day, she reached out and touched me – – and it didn’t hurt!

She calls me Smudgie Big Head Robinson and says that’s my rapper name.

Yes, I have a new family now and they even let me sleep on their bed. I have 2 brothers, Jethro and Chico. Best of all, no one hurts me now – they brush me, feed me and pet me. So, don’t give up, keep trying everyday because there’s always someone out there to love you.

Love from Smudge. 😼 AKA Gretchen Robinson

Sept. 10, 2013–I saw it in the sky

I saw it in the sky. Hover. Beep, beep, beep, land. The window opened. Heads with three eyes looked out and searched the scene before them. My head buzzed and my body shook. All went dark.

I opened my eyes in a world of four dimensions and colors unseen before. Ahead was a deep canyon with animals buzzing on the ground below. They glowed in the front and faded into a long tangled trail in the back.

Ahead, stood a bizarre creature starring back at me with only two eyes

Kevin Draper


I’m Including a second prompt response from one of our members who missed the meeting as I found it so apropos.


It was a warm October night when George stopped the car in front of my house. As we were walking to the front door I looked up at the clear sky rich with stars.

“George, look there is a star moving.”

“Stars don’t move, it must be a plane.”

“No, it is no plane. It is one steady light. Don’t you believe me? Look for yourself, there,” I said pointing.

He turned his face in that general direction and said, “I don’t see any star moving. Stop making things up.”

“Good night George, thanks for taking me to the dance,” and quickly went into the house.

Next day the newspaper headline was RUSSIA LAUNCHES SPUTNIK.

What I saw in the sky was Sputnik, and yes, I broke up with George.

This is how I remember that event October 7, 1957.

Ellynore Smith