12-7-2021 -Prompt – Begin or End Response with wasn’t that Dramatic?

Well, that was dramatic!

There it was. The red oblong box on the wall with the clear glass bubble in the middle. I’ve always wondered how it works. The white letters read “F I R E”, however, I have yet to see one inside the clear glass bubble. What happens? Does it break open? Do I hit it? Do I pull something? Maybe there is something like the “axe” inside the “Staff Door”. Hmmmm, I wonder if it squeaks? Good thing someone left a chair near the red thing on the wall. I could climb up on it and look inside. Why is it so high on the wall? Does it sense heat? Perhaps we could get a “staff member” to come through the “Staff Door” and give a demonstration on how to use the red thing with a glass bubble on the wall. I’d need a lighter. Maybe I could ignite a paper towel or lots of paper towels to see how it works. Oh, I know. I’ll put the paper towels in with the paper in that yellow paper basket and light it all. Oh look! It’s starting to flame. Pretty! Here I’ll move it, so it is under the red thing with the glass bubble. Gee, what’s that sound? Oh, I bet that’s a fire alarm.

 Why are sprinklers running inside this room?

 What’s happening?

Why is that lady running?

Eileen Detloff