1-21-2020 – Tires screeched. I turned and ran down the alley.

I didn’t anticipate this much adventure when I joined the Adventure Club. After meeting with the other club 12 members, we were each given a specific task. My assignment was to investigate the murder of a prominent politician, Jonathan Bigsby.

I was given the task of interviewing Fritz, the owner of local restaurant frequented by Bigsby. When I got to the restaurant the place was dark except for a light in the back room. I followed the light into the kitchen. There I found Fritz laying on the floor, a bloody knife sticking prominently in his chest.

The sound of screeching tires sounded from the open back door. I turned to run out to the alley. A dozen people standing in the alley yelled surprise! They were the other members of the adventure club and they were laughing as Fritz came out the door with the fake knife still in his chest.

Linda Scott