February 6, 2018 – Prompt – She opened the door to hundreds of roses. She knew they were from him. He had found her.

Iced Tea

 2/6/18 Prompt: She opened the door to hundreds of roses. She knew they were from him. He had found her.

She tasted the metallic dryness of her mouth, felt the dampness of her palms, and heard her blood pulse in her ears. She slammed the door and sank to the floor too stunned to weep.

Seven years she had lived in exile in the Sonoran Desert feeling a little freer and maybe even more confident with each season, but that all evaporated in a moment. What was her plan? She used to have one for this day. Why had she neglected her go bag?

A feeling descended upon her, a dark coolness, resolute and final. She opened the door, picked up the roses—it took her five armloads—and shoved them into the trash can next to her garage, walked back inside, and closed only the security door. There would be no more running.

Her tiny shaking fingers slipped the Kimber Micro 9 into her back jeans pocket as she strode to the kitchen to make iced tea.

Erv Barnes


Ella silently screamed when she opened the door to find a delivery man carrying 100s of roses. “Sign here.” He said, holding out a pad and pen.

Ellen tried to act composed, “surely you must have the wrong address.”

“No miss.” He replied looking down at the pad. “This is the right address.”

“Well I refuse the delivery.” she insisted.

“That’s your prerogative.” The man stammered, “ but I don’t think it will do much good. The man who placed the order is right behind me. Perhaps you can tell him yourself.” The delivery man ran off revealing a tall dark figure.

“Oh my God!” Ella screamed. “It’s you. How did you find me.“

“I’ve followed your moves for the past 5 years. Did you think you could ignore the contract you made that allowed you to enjoy your stardom and lavish life. Now that your five years are up, I’ve come to collect your soul and take it back with me to Hell.”

The devil then laughed a wicked laugh and disappeared in a puff of smoke with Ella.

Linda Scott