October 20.2015–Prompt–red marker, belt, golden paperclip and a flask

This weeks prompt: A male character ina suit, wearing gloves and is in front of a house he has never been to before. He carries a duffel bag with four items in it. They are: a belt, a red marker, golden paper clip and a flask.


Nelson brushed the grass off his trousers with gloved hand and noted with regret that his new suit now sported grass stains. “Gees, I hope I have the right house. It must be,” after all it looked exactly as described by the woman who hired him to get the job done.

Hoisting his duffel bag over his shoulder, climbing the tree that towered up to the third story, managing to jump onto the balcony, and using a gold paper clip he wrestled open the flimsy catch on the balcony door.

Yes, I’m in, he thought as he spied the sleeping figure in the nearby bed. With stealth he approached, grabbed a pillow, and with firm hand held it over the face of the nasty fellow.

When the victim was about half dead he poured alcohol down his throat, secured a belt around his neck and chucked him over the balcony. His neck snapped as the belt prevented him from falling further.  Nelson had tied it to the railing.

Authorities found a suicide note that appeared as though it was written in a drunken stupor with a broad-nibbed red marker found alongside.

Kirsten Wohlgemuth


Pin-Striped Nut-Case

Poem – By Lloyd Rain – 10/22/15


He sported a black pin-striped suit

With only one protruding black boot

The boot was tattooed with red symbols

From the marker he held in his cymbals


The belt wound loosely ‘round his neck

As if he were to hang in a sec

He tipped the alcohol from his flask

To ensure through his neck all would pass


A crowd had assembled nearby

To observe what next he would try

Only one in his circle dared ask

“What, Sir, is the meaning of your flask?”


He turned to face his observer

“Is it not evident, kind sir?”

Pointing his gold paper clip at the man

“This lubricant is merely a scam.”


“When mixed with red markings of jam

Using this tool as a ram

Fools like you’d be surprised

At the resulting explosive ka-blam.”


Whereupon a truck did arrive

And attendants alighted from the drive

They gently escorted our man

Into the bowels of the van

Ensuring he was still quite alive


As it slowly departed the curb

Viewers wond’ring, “Is he genius or rube?”

He pointed a finger below

To the sign on the side quite aglow

With the words clearly rendered and durable

Asylum For The Confused And Incurable


                                              $──────══════════════ End ══════════════─────$

September 8, 2015 – Prompt (something new)

To challenge the group to think outside the box and let there imaginations soar I am trying out something new from the book 1000 Awesome Prompts. For this a scenario is given and then a number of items from the 26 that can be chosen  are randomly selected: This weeks scenario was: You are a delivery man dropping off your last package of the day. Your truck gets in a fender bender and that last package has split open spilling out five of the random items. You have to call the authorities…what was in the package and why was it so serious?

The five items: 3 dice, a belt, a red marker, a plush bear and a key.

Andy cringed as his freshly washed TRS truck was struck as he entered the intersection on Elm street. How could it be that just as he is about to make his final delivery and on this always quiet street he been hit in the rear fender by a blue Chevy pickup. As he stops and prepares  to get out he is astounded to see the truck back up, hang a Ueee and speed away.

“Damn! My shift was almost over. Just one last stop to make.” He steps on the gas hoping his vehicle is drivable but when he looks in his rear view mirror he can see the rear doors are open and spies the corner of a brown package on the ground.

He stops. Sets the emergency brake and lights and gets out. He sighs as he walks to the back of the truck. Yep, it is his last package on the ground and it contents are spilling out. “Holy Cow! What the ****.” It’s the strangest assortment of items he’s ever seen, “Shit,” he says as he lifts a gun belt complete with a  holster containing a semi-automatic pistol from the ground. He whistles. Company rules say “no guns may be sent by TRS. There are three red dice that feel slightly weighted when he shakes them in his palm. “I think these are loaded dice.” He whispers to himself and put them in his pants pocket. There’s a brass key on the ground too and it has the number 13 on it and looks like it opens a locker. Maybe at the bus station, he thinks. There are a stack of documents to which a red marker is attached. At the bottom in red are instructions saying,” Take the bear to pier 30.”

“Bear! What bear?” Andy pulls the torn edges of the box apart and then he sees the bear. Just like one he got his son when he was little. “Holy Cow!” he says again for a stream of white powder is trickling from a hole in the plush toys foot.

Andy knows he has a mess on his hands. Someone is sending illegal merchandise using the TRS delivery service. This is about drugs and guns. “I’ll call Joe. He’s the boss. He’ll know what to do. Who should be called.”

Andy the bear, gun belt, key and red marked documents back in the box. He shuts the rear doors and carries the box with him to the front of the truck. He sets the box on the floor beside him. Checks his manifest for that last address and drives on down the street.