January 15,2013 Prompt – It Occurred To Me

My heart was racing as I waited to hear the starting gun go off. I wanted to run and jump that first hurdle. I knew I could win. I’m the fastest. I continued to chant in my head. The gun went off and I started to run. I jumped the first hurdle and I was already ahead of everyone else it was like no one else was running after me. Finally I jump the fifth one and I get first. I waited for the cheers but there were none. I looked around confused I gazed at the first hurdle and it occurred to me while jumping the first hurdle my shorts had gotten caught and ripped in two and I was so pumped that I didn’t notice. So there were no cheers, only underwear.

Rebecca Goeklaer

It occurred to me just a few minutes ago that my writing abilities were not as rusty as I had thought. I had not written much in the last ten years and had been dreading attending a Write On The Edge meeting. But, to my relief I found that these folks were any brighter than me. I think I’ll keep coming to their meetings –I’ll even pay my dues.

Jack Skille