January 19, 2016 – Prompt – Create a Myth for Why People are Different Colors

Man began as a green toad. When he grew up into a human, he needed company.

“I know, I’ll bake some people from the colors of the Earth, and they will be my friends,” he exclaimed.

Shovels full of sand, rock, plants, and water were added to a slurry. The man poured a same into a baking tray and slid it into an oven. The first batch came out underdone and looked pale. The second group of people were almost burnt and looked dark. Finally, he got the temperature just right and the people he created were coming out in browns and golden.

Turning to his created people, “Now you can all be my friends,” the man said.

The woman and the others turned toward him in disgust and said, “Why should we associate with a green person.” The others nodded and walked away.

The moral of this story is never believe others will like you just because you are green.”


-A. Nation