February 14, 2017 – Prompt – “And I will come again, my love, tho it were 10,000 miles. “Robert Burns

Brady and Stephanie were neighbors and loved each other it seemed like forever. Their parents didn’t always approve of their relationship and tried to discourage them. Sometimes they would pretend they didn’t like each other just for fun to see what that would be like.
He adored her and she thought him the handsomest person she’d ever seen.
One day the world fell apart for them when Brady’s family moved away. Far away—to Texas. The two were desolate, couldn’t eat or talk. Their families were sure they would get over it in time, but that didn’t happen.
Finally, Stephanie received a letter from Brady for Valentine’s Day. If I am a million miles away from you, it won’t change anything. When I get into 5th grade I will run away and come back to you.

Pinkie Paranya

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

It was February 14, 1988, in the heartland of Portland, Oregon when my true love broke his promise to me and shared his dying love.
For years, I grieved in silence not knowing for sure why he left. Until twenty-seven years later, while I lay in deep slumber, he came to me.
“Hi,” he said. A big smile crossed his face. “I’m happy now.”
From my bed, I watched him fade back into eternity. Sleep did not come easy for me the rest of the night. And it would be weeks before I would understand the meaning of his visit.
I would learn the cold, bitter truth a few days before his tenth anniversary, when I clicked open a picture on Facebook and saw his gravesite.
May15, 1952 – December 15, 2004.
Yes, he had traveled ten thousand miles, plus many more, from a place I call Heaven.

Suzie Hagen

June 23, 2015–Prompt- A Small group of people who meet in secret at regular Intervals

There is a small group of people that meet in secret

Knock knock

“Who’s there?”


“Wilbur who?”

“Wilburn your ass if you don’t let me in.”

The hinges creaked as the door opened onto a large medieval hall. Helmets and shields decorated the walls. Candles were the only lights.

“Welcome your Majesty, your throne is ready.”

He walked past a dozen people and took his place at the focal point of the room.

“What is on the agenda this time?” He asked the Prime Minister.

“We need to decide if we should fund the collapse of the World Bank.”

“What good will it do us?”

“We will be the richest people in the world.”

“But if everyone is poor, what fun is it to be rich?” asked the king.

“The fun will come in when we see the population scramble to survive and eat each other.”

“Great, let’s do it, that sounds good.”

“Only one problem,” chimed in another voice.


“Who will serve us and cook for us?” asked the Prime Minister.

“We’ll just keep some staff fed and healthy. We’ll only take care of the people that we need. I, the king degree that this is what we will do.”

“And so it will be,” shouted the assembly in unison.


By Ellynore Seybold-Smith


George couldn’t believe it. Where had the five years gone. It was time for the gathering of the Merciless Meanderers again. He wonder if the five others in the group would have meandered the way their bylaws said they should.

He had tried hard, but every time he set out on a trip something seemed to interfere. Last month when he took his RV on the road he was only 20 miles from home when the engine overheated and he spent all the free time he had with a mechanic.

The bylaws emphasized that can’t call it meandering unless you covered at least 50 miles and in a five year period you were supposed to travel at least 5500 miles. He thought he wasn’t going to make that goal this year and would have to leave…no not leave he would be banished from the group.

They didn’t call themselves Merciless Meanderers because it sounded good.

How had he fallen so low. @0 years ago he had received the Golden Meanderer Trophy. He had traveled 100,000 miles in the five year period. Now he would be ostracized

By Chris Howard