May 21, 2019 – Prompt – Hello

A Christmas letter

Hello and Merry Christmas,
This will be my last Christmas letter. I’ve finally run out of adjectives and adverbs apparently. But just to keep you up to date, my dog developed diabetes, and I must give him an insulin shot every day. I planted two trees in my yard (very expensive ones I might add), and a blight took them within a month. I got appendicitis that went septic, but the medicine isn’t too expensive. I fell and broke my leg, and after months of therapy, I can get around on a walker now. The snowfall this winter was wicked, and I couldn’t get out to go for groceries, but my car was not working either. I needed to lose weight anyway.
I hauled out my ancient Christmas tree from the attic. None of the lights worked anymore, so I strung it with popped corn. My myna bird learned a new curse word this week. TV is getting ugly.
So Merry Christmas and how is your Holiday?

Pinkie Paranya

February 13, 2018 – Prompt – A rose with a letter attached hung from the door. The letter simply said: “See you at 8 o’clock.

A rose with a letter attached hung from the door. The letter simply said “See you at 8:00 o’clock.”
Mary fidgeted the letter back into the envelope. She looked to the left. She looked to the right far down the street. No one. Could this be Ralph? He’s been staring at me for weeks. He asked me out but I ruined him down. Well, who knows. Could it be Bill? Oh, I hope it’s Bill. Big hunky Bill, with that welcoming smile, and that racy red sports car.
I better pick up the laundry, wash the dishes, and clean off the dining table. I know, I can use that red lace covered pot, put the rose in it, and use it for the center piece. Time passed, the meal cooked, and everything set out.
Eight o’clock rolled around. DING, DONG. “Hello?”
We are from the Jehovah Witness…..

Kevin Draper


A single rose with a letter attached hung from the door. The letter simply stated, “See you at eight o’clock.”
The rose was blue, a light shade of blue that matched Kaylee’s front door. A black wreath hung on the door as well, although it was beginning to turn more of a dark gray.
Weathered though it was, Kaylee wasn’t ready to take it down yet. Twelve days had gone by painfully slow since Brian, her fiancee, had died.
Today was Valentine’s Day, it was to have been their wedding day. Kaylee took the rose in her hand, lifting it to her face. There was no scent.
The rose and letter couldn’t have been there for long, she’d been gone from her apartment just an hour or so. She had no idea who had left it there. She turned and sat down on the stoop.

Karen Hydock