2-11-2020- Write about your most unique experience in or about a wedding.


… My 6th wedding day!  The first had been to my high school sweetheart.  After 3 months she told me that she was leaving me for my cousin.  My cousin’s name was Sue.

After a short recovery period I married my next door neighbor.  She was older than me and stored her teeth in a glass of Polident beside the bed.  I just couldn’t abide that!!

I met number three in Las Vegas after a night of drinking.  It was a quickie wedding followed by a quicker divorce.

Number 4, Betsy, was a truck driver.  She left to pick up a load of lettuce in Yuma I guess driving that ‘refer’ truck cooled her ardor for me ‘cause I never saw her again.

Number 5 was to a lovely lady, beautiful and well mannered in every way.  We had absolutely nothing in common.

Number six and last wedding ended with my wheel chair bouncing down the church steps.  My final thought was of the wise words of my old grandfather.  “Beware women who ask if you have life insurance.”

Bob Kelly