Oct. 4, 2016 – Prompt -The shoe factory runs out of glass slippers, so Cinderella goes barefoot.

The shoe factory runs out of glass slippers so Cinderella goes barefoot. She was more used to being barefoot anyway. Who in their right mind ever thought that a glass shoe would be comfortable? She shook her head, personally glad she didn’t have to wear the things. She would have been terrified all night long of stepping wrong and having one shatter and slice her foot to ribbons.

But to go entirely barefoot? She would look like the un-cared for step-child she was. Sitting in her tiny attic room, she was unsure what to do, until she spotted several lengths of ribbon the mice had brought her. Picking one up, she wound it around her ankle and the top of her foot before tying it in an intricate knot. She held her foot out and looked at a moment. It really was pretty and unique, no one would guess it was because she had no shoes.

She quickly tied the other foot to match and hurried off to the ball.

Meleesa Stephens


This was impossible how could she possibly go barefoot to the Prince’s Ball. Surely, her Fairy God Mother could deal with this problem.

“Sorry, girl, but all I do when I wave my wand is transfer a pair of slippers from the factory stock. If they are out, they’re out.”

“But, FGM, OMG aren’t your powers magical. If you can transform mice into horse and footmen why not a pair of my old shoes into glass-slippers?”

“Nope, can’t be done my contract strictly forbids it.”

“Contract! What contract?”

“The one the glass shoe makers of Fantasy Land have with all FGM’s, witches, shamans, genies and others with magical powers, expressly prohibiting the making of glass slippers. There’s a union you know?”

“A Union! Fantasy Land has a union?”

“AAMOF it does. It’s not the only contract. The witches have one with all others of magical power forbidding them from flying with brooms and one with the cauldron makers that limit there use to witches.”

“So I’m to go barefoot to the ball. OMG , I’ll be so embarrassed.”

“Come, girl, think! How can you make those bare feet shine even brighter than wearing glass slippers? Here, put on this glitter nail polish.”

Christine Howard

August 27, 2013–Prompt–A girl put a quarter in a gumball machine and a human tooth came out.

Prompt: A girl put a quarter in a gumball machine and a human tooth came out.

It was a very special day. It was Sarah’s Birthday. This year she would be celebrating her 7th birthday.

Her parents agreed that she was old enough to have a pizza party at the local pizza parlor. She was very excited. Her dad had rolls of quarters for the game machines and her mother had decorated a cake in blues and purples, her favorite colors. There were party hats and favors to match. It would be great fun.

The party turned out perfect. Her friends raced from one game to another. Their quarters were almost gone. The party was winding down and the cake was served. As she finished opening her cards and presents, several of her friends went to the gumball machines. She wanted gum too. And the prizes were always fun. She waited her turn as a girl put a quarter in a gumball machine and a human tooth came out. When they realized what it prize was, they both shrieked and freaked out.

She would put the tooth under her pillow tonight and see what the tooth fairy would bring. It was a perfect birthday.

Joanne Mowckzo