November 24, 2015 – Prompt – All Dialogue

Prompt was to be All Dialogue  and use the words: yesterday, wallet/purse and revolver



“Once again I have lost my purse.  Yeah , I know, if you want to find something ask the blind guy.”  


“Honey why don’t you put your purse in the same place all the time, I don’t  mind helping but this is getting tiresome “ he replied.


“Yesterday and the day before yesterday   I am always losing it and it gets frustrating “ she said.


“Put it the same place”


“Where?  thats my problem I have no place to lay it down or hang it up, she complained, just no place at all.  I use what ever place is handy then forget where it was.  I feel like I’m in a revolving door, stuck, just going round and round and accomplishing nothing”


“I don’t mind helping but your right about where to put the purse.  Why don’t we make a shelf or hang a hook for it?”


Valerie Cook



 In Paris

“Pierre, were you in Paris yesterday?”

“Oh yes, I was there,” he said looking sad.

“What is your opinion on the matter?” The English man asked.

“We have government coming in and going out like a dance revolving around a central figure.”

“I was detained and could not attend. Were many people there?”

“The streets were lined with crowds. You could not imagine. There must have been a hundred, no maybe 200,000 people. I have never seen so many blood thirsty people in my life. Some cursed thief even stole my purse. I thought that leather sack was well hidden.”

“Now to get back to the main event, as we might call it, how was that?”

“Bloody damn awful, as you British say. It is something I never want to witness again. That damn guillotine is one hell of an instrument.”

Ellynore Seybold-Smith