Sept.27, 2016 – You are standing in a forest when suddenly a ____ falls out of the sky.

The tall trees formed a dense, green canopy over my head.  Hearing the whistling sound of the bird I had come to see, I stood still, listening. Camera ready, finger on the shutter, I waited. There it was again. I crept as silently as I could toward the sound.  There in front of me, a patch of sunlight beckoned. I saw the bird light on the ground. As I took the picture, I heard another sound. It wasn’t the sound of a creature of the forest. It was the whistling of an incoming object. I looked up as a large boulder crashed through the trees.  I stood still, seeing smoke above the clearing.

The volcano I had read about? Could it be starting to blow?

Another boulder fell close to the first. I ran then, out of the canopy of the trees, to the field in front of me.


I rubbed my eyes and stared, not moving from the edge of the field.

Karen Hydock

December 17, 2013 Prompt–It Just Hung There

Imagine walking through the forest, watching and listening for birds, waiting to take pictures and record their distinct calls. Then, among the trees a shadow appears that seems out of place. Squabbling of birds of prey can be heard in that direction. Getting closer, a corpse reveals.  It just hung there and vultures pecked away at the carrion. Gone were any identifiable facial features.

I took as many pictures as I dared in short time, then back tracked, darting away from the scene. I forgot all about birds and their song, thinking only of my own safety and the frenetic need to find authorities to whom I could unburden the horror of my day.

by Kirsten Wohlgemuth

Alice’s Dilemma

It just hung there, drawing me in, calling my name. I resisted, shunning the
temptation. But its alluring power kept drawing me back. Oh, the boiling sin
it expressed, the way it played upon my thirst for attraction. I turned to
leave and preserve my humble virtues. But, no, I bought the dress.

by Kevin Draper