Write a scene with a dog, a window and a green hat using one of the three’s POV

A dog, a window, a green hat include all three and write from the perspective of one. I wrote from the window’s perspective.

Charlie was digging again, out under the apple tree in the shade. It was noontime, and the sun was bright overhead. I saw him lie down in the cool hole he had made. His eyes closed as he began his nap, but I could see that his ears were still on alert. It was a good thing too, for as I watched, a strong wind kicked up. Charlie opened his eyes and jumped up just as a limb fell out of the tree right next to where he had been lying.

Charlie sniffed the limb, then began to bark. I couldn’t see why he was barking until he moved to one side and I then I could see a green straw hat nestled into a fork in the limb. Inside the hat were five baby squirrels. June was inside the house and heard the noise. She ran past me and out the door.

“So that’s where my hat went to,” I heard her say as she went by.

Karen Hydock