July 30, 2019 – Prompt – Broken Glass

  There was no more room for coffee cups, too many were crammed into an already full cupboard. Jessie sighed and set her newest acquisition on the counter, promising herself that she’d sort through and find room for it later.

 The doorbell rang just as her coffeepot dripped out the last drops into the 12 cup carafe.

  Jessie opened her front door to the county sheriff.

 “Hey Denton, come on in. What can I do for you today?”

“Mornin’ MS. Jessie.”The smell of coffee caught Denton’s attention, he looked in the direction of the kitchen.

  “Coffee, Denton?” Jessie asked.

 “Sure, thanks.

  Denton ambled in behind Jessie and waited while she poured two cups. The cup she handed the sheriff was large and black and had a slogan from the Red Pony Saloon.

 Denton’s cell rang as he took his first sip. His reaction to the caller was immediate.

  “Jessie, I gotta go.”

 Denton took off out the door—coffee cup in hand.

 Karen Hydock

December 4, 2018 – Prompt – A man enters his house and notices several things are just slightly out of place.

TWILIGHT (Bob Kelly)
“Hmmm… I must have left a newspaper on the floor this morning,” I thought as I stepped on the neatly folded newspaper.

I had just gotten home from work and walked through the dimly lit house into the kitchen where I was greeted by the bitter smell of freshly brewed coffee.

“What the hell? Did I forget to reset the timer this morning?”

After dinner I tried to watch the evening news. I had to search for the TV controller and when I finally located it, discovered that the channels were all mixed up. This was really starting to annoy me.

Yes, I had recently had a stroke but had never before faced this kind of confusion.
Later that evening as I was preparing to brush my teeth, I discovered that all of the brushes were neatly placed in the cup but upside down. Likewise, the toothpaste was not in its usual drawer but instead was two drawers away. An eerie silence seemed to fill the house.

I fled to the safety of my bed and lay quietly in the dark. Suddenly the radio beside my bed blared to life and the opening cords from “Twilight Zone” flooded the room.

November 28, 2017 – Prompt – use Flee, Coffee and Tradition in your response

Flee, Coffee, Tradition

It is a good tradition to drink lots of coffee before attempting to flee from the bulls in Pamplona.

JL Lahey


Cora’s tradition was to put salt in the coffee.
Not too many in the park liked that. It just wasn’t their thing.

Where it started was from Yuma’s water. Way before everyone decided, except for Cora, that desalted water was the “in” thing.

We all used to joke, “There was a process if you drank Yuma’s best outa the tap: first you go get the snippers, second find an indestructible tumbler, third open the faucet wide, fourth you let about five inches ooze out, more if you really liked the salt, fifth you snipped that off, and last you added distilled water and mixed vigorously.

Well that old joke didn’t go over well, and those who reacted unfavorably had to be ready to flee or face another tradition: a mild form of tar and feathering. Cora had frequently endured such festivities.

Afterward, she always replied to the inevitable question from someone in the mob, “What did you think of that?”

She’d retort, “Well except for the honor of the tar, feathers, and rail, I could have done without the ceremony!”

Cora still puts salt in her coffee, and that’s the way it comes for all guests at her home.

Donavin A. Leckenby