November 20, 2018 – Sunsets and Heartbeats

This week we had a take home prompt. We were to use the sentences below as your prompt make one the first sentence and the other the last sentence but use both. Limit to 500 words or less.

*Sunsets will never be the same again

*Heart beats shouldn’t be this loud

Sunsets Seen Differently

Heartbeats shouldn’t be this loud. I said in that bleary stage before my mind grasped where I was. I woke in the dark of the night, alone. I felt a mighty massive fist clasping my heart and squeezing it trying to wring every drop of blood from it. I could sense it pulsing in my ears, and I feared when I would no longer hear it. My breaths which had been weak gasps now diminished to shallow gulps. I was descending into a black hole and as I fell I spun and all around me a high pitched shrieking scream rose and fell, rose and fell, rose and fell. Then vanished.
Hours later I revived to find myself surrounded by beeping, throbbing, susurrating machines. Perhaps the scream I’d heard had been the shrill sound of an ambulance’s siren. Who had known? Who had called? Who was the angel that saved me from a death for which I was not yet ready?
I will see things differently from this day forward, and sunsets will never be the same.

Christine Howard