October 3, 2017 – Prompt – A Substance that generates ideas, a spy

I couldn’t believe there was actually a dime store in the tiny town of Hopewell.  It brought back a flood of memories from my childhood.  Inside I spied the sewing notions, the kitchen utensils and the books that were at least 50 years old, but what really caught my eye in the stationary section was a small Pink Pearl eraser. 

 My Pink Pearl eraser memory was the day I stole a 5¢ eraser from a five and dime store. When I was a girl you used to get school supplies the week before Labor Day and they were expected to last all year.  Because I was a perfectionist, I had already used up my eraser and I really wanted a new one.  Dad said, “No”.

 I carefully looked around the store to see if anyone was watching before I slipped an eraser into my pocket.  I had no idea I would still feel remorse fifty years later.

Sandra Thiesen