Robin’s Christensen


Robin lives in Yuma, Arizona. She is a wife, mom, daughter, niece, cousin, pet-parent and high school teacher. Aside from reading and writing. Robin loves to paint, decorate and garden. She loves a good road trip, too. Her favorite destinations include any place where she can laugh with family and friends and where ocean waves too ashore.


51BnD5C5BELRiding a Bus In Mexico

After several breakups with Joe, Peri agrees to tour Mexico with him, but why? Was it because she was the person who mapped, planned, plotted, researched hotels, restaurants, and tourist sites? Was it because of the hours she spent writing letters and making long distance phone calls to confirm reservations and cancel reservations with Joe’s friends, people she had yet to meet? Or was it something else that tugged at her mind and heart that pulled her to go? Was it because of her angels as a fortuneteller had suggested? After hardships and disappointments, Peri is given opportunities for personal growth while on vacation in Mexico. She and Joe, Peri’s on-and-off- again boyfriend, and his friends whom they meet up with, often forget about Peri, while they reminisce using their native tongue, Spanish. Not consciously at first, Peri embraces those moments of isolation in the midst of everyone. She begins to understand that something good is happening inside her.


51vjT2TsKfLTales of Old Once More Told

Tales of Old Once More Told is a collection of Fairy Tales retold in rhyme and poetic form. Earlier versions of these stories were meant for mature audiences with elements of darkness, innuendo. Often, there was no such thing as a living happily ever after.


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