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Pinkie Paranya (who also writes under the name, P. K. Paranya) is an established writer, with 12 novels, more than 50 poems, and multiple gardening articles to her credit.

She is also an artist whose paintings and photographs have been shown in several galleries, a master gardener, and an advocate for children and animals.

Her volunteer work has included being a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) in juvenile court, editing the CASA newsletter, co-founding Planned Pethood of Yuma that helps provide spaying and neutering services, being a mentor for aspiring writers, forming a writing group in Yuma, Arizona, and judging writing contests.

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Pinkie attended Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. She traveled by motor home all over America with her late husband, Andy, who was a professional photographer.

During the five years that Andy was assigned photographic work in Alaska, Pinkie developed an acute interest in the lives and history of the native Inuit people of the arctic region. Her research resulted in the creation of the Women of the Northland trilogy, of which the first two books, Raven Woman, and Tiana, Gift of the Moon, have been published, winning praises and awards.

51wv1znzaalRaven Woman: (Woman of the Northland Book 1)

In ancient Alaska, before it was known to anyone but the Inuit people, a child Umiak is the only survivor of a starving clan who ventured too far onto dangerous, unknown waters to find food. Washed ashore with nothing but her raven-feather talisman, she is discovered by strangers, taken to their village, and forced to serve the elderly shaman. During her lonely, perilous ordeal with the hostile tribe, Umiak is visited by the Raven Mother, who bestows upon her the spirit of the Raven Woman, a power that is to be passed down through the generations to come. Now Umiak must find the strength to survive and pass on her influence and power to her own daughter when the time comes.

Pinkie Paranya gives the reader a magical, mystical journey, blended with humor, adventure, and heartbreak, but always with a faith in the future, in this first award-winning book of the trilogy, WOMEN OF THE NORTHLAND.


tiara3Tiana, Gift of the Moon: (Woman of the Northland Book 2)

Tiana, Gift of the Moon is the second novel in the Women of the Northland trilogy. In this story of the earliest people in North America, Pinkie Paranya weaves her tale of Inuit customs and superstitions into those of the Athabascan Indians, who also live in a harsh climate.

Tiana is fierce in battle, gentle in temperament, and has a quiet strength. She embodies the spirit of the Raven Mother and accepts the challenges before her with faith in her ancestry and the powers she has inherited. Tiana must face the trials of being a woman shaman in a male dominated society. After tragedy befalls her, she sets out alone to find her lost daughter who must continue the Raven line. But can Tiana find the child in time?

SednaSedna: North Star, Raven Woman (Woman of the Northland Book 3)

When Sedna, Raven Woman, and her clan of Inuit people discover a Viking ship wrecked on the shores of their Arctic island in the spring of 975 AD, Sedna is warned by the Raven Mother not to let her people kill the lone Norseman aboard. Heeding the warning, she stands between him and her angry tribe, causing her people to shun and distrust her. Thanks to her intervention, the Viking, Rolv, lives to repair his ship and sail to his home on a nearby island, where he has been banished for a year by his father, Eric the Red, in Greenland. When Rolv leaves Sedna’s tribe, he kidnaps her, certain that her own people will slay her as punishment for defending an outsider. But he knows nothing of how to survive in the harsh environment and, without Sedna, would surely perish during the coming winter. But even if she can keep this strong, stubborn Norseman fed, clothed, and warm, despite the dangers of her icy home, how can she keep him safe from her people who continually stalk them and what will she do with her heart, when he leaves her world to return to his father in Greenland once the spring has come again?


herr snoodleHerr Schnoodle and McBee

What do you get when you mix a beautiful gossip reporter; an amnesiac bag lady with a dangerously mysterious past; a forty-something, cranky, bumbling, New York private investigator with phobias about germs, animals, and most people; and a dog who defies description with a personality to match? A riot!

Budding sleuth Alexander “Mac” McBee—who trained by watching re-runs of Magnum P. I., The Rockford Files, and other old detective series—needs an attitude adjustment, and his new partner Herr Schnoodle could be just the dog to reform him. Together the reluctant McBee and Herr Schnoodle must solve a series of neighborhood dilemmas, including discovering who bag lady Apple Sally really is before whoever’s after her catches up, while McBee tries to make his heart do what he wants it to. Can Herr Schnoodle help him there, too? Perhaps. No problem seems to be too large for this unlikely, loveable canine PI.

51JdGHAziELOne… Two… Buckle My Shoe

What if a relentless predator—a parent’s worst nightmare come true—dropped out of nowhere? He has, and now cynical Detective Richard Slater and reluctant psychic Kate Macklin are all that stand between death and life for the children targeted by this psycho. But can Richard and Kate piece together the puzzle before the killer comes for them, too?




51G2klRF0SL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_Death Has No Dominion

She stared at the sprawling body of a woman in the water. ‘She is down there,’ the voice whispered, stiffening hairs on the back of Kate’s neck. No! She slams down the lid of her laptop computer. That was where the picture and sound had come from. But it doesn’t help. On her first vacation ever, Kate is plagued by visions she doesn’t want. Now she has no choice but to place her trust in a Colorado sheriff, who wants to be more than a friend, even though Kate has serious doubts about his motives. In the sequel to One…Two…Buckle My Shoe, Death Has No Dominion takes the reader on a journey into the mind of a psychopathic killer. And the reluctant psychic detective, Kate Macklin, is the only one with any chance to stop him from unleashing his insatiable thirst for vengeance.

SourdoughThe Saga of Sourdough Red

Jennifer Kileen, an Ohio farm girl, journeys to Alaska toward the end of the gold rush to search for her twin brother, Jeremy. He’d sent a torn map and a plea for help to their father, unaware that both parents had perished during an influenza epidemic. Jenny takes her kid brother with her, but to travel more freely she is disguised as a young man, hiding her one vanity, her long red hair, under a hat. Jenny and David start their journey surviving a storm at sea, make a harrowing trip up the dreaded Valdez Glacier, and are pursued by an unknown but relentless villain throughout their journey.

Two men fall in love with her—Captain Mitch, a dashing, handsome ship’s captain, and Neal Erickson, a doctor who gave up his profession to do survey work in the wilderness. Will Jenny choose the right man? Does she find her long-lost brother?

Amazon TreasureAmazon Treasure

A quiet, conservative teacher who’s lived in one small Virginian town all her life, Marisa Elliott plunges into a desperate adventure when she meets Scott Dunbar a devilishly handsome pilot, who is apparently down on his luck. Marisa tells him she’s searching for her Confederate ancestors who fled to Brazil during the Civil War. She persuades him to take her far into the jungles of the Amazon, but she doesn’t tell him her relatives have offered to give back the bank money they absconded with so long ago—money her father wants her to bring home to clear the Elliott name.

He has an agenda all his own….

Once burned in a bad marriage, Scott Dunbar hates commitment of any kind. To him, love is a four-letter word. He wants Marisa, though he knows she’s not the kind of girl to settle for a one-night stand. Or is she? He’s hiding something, but then, so is she. He just can’t figure out what. Is she really here to find her missing relatives? Or is her mission something much more sinister?

Love lettersLove Letters in the Wind

She hadn’t expected anyone to read the love messages she tossed away…but he did.

Recuperating from an abusive marriage, Casey Nichols flees with her asthmatic, six-year-old son Jake to Colorado, hoping to improve his health. She moves them into an isolated cabin on a remote ranch. It’s a lonely life, and Casey resorts to putting notes in the ever-present tumbleweeds, casting them to the winds in an effort to ease some of the pain in her heart. But when the poems she thinks will never be read are found by the one person she doesn’t want to see them, her whole world is turned upside down.

He hadn’t expected anyone to get close enough to hurt him again…but she did.

Matthew Tyree is a reclusive rancher who lost his wife and unborn son in a car accident. Devastated, he has vowed never to love again—a vow he keeps until Casey and Jake worm their way into his heart. But his hopes for a second family are dashed when Casey mistakes his marriage proposal as nothing more than a convenient business arrangement. Unable to express his feelings in the words Casey needs to hear, Matt watches his chance for love crumble like the mysterious poems he’s been finding inside the tumbleweeds.

Can these two wounded souls learn to trust again or will their only chance for happiness fade away like love letters cast to the winds?

SenoraSenora of the Superstitions

Can Jowanna McFarland survive in the sinister mountains long enough to find her missing father, solve the mystery of his buried treasure and stake a claim to the elusive heart of Kane Landry?
The old house stands in the desert, ringed in the distance by the ominous Superstition Mountains. In the night, winds whisper through the salt cedars, while somewhere in the dark a puma screams a cry of death.
From up the narrow, shadowy staircase come noises no one is supposed to hear, the ghostly figure of a woman at the top of the stairway, and the pervasive, faint smell of perfume. Could it be the tragic ghost of the Senora of the Superstitions, a legend that has lived for a hundred years?
When Jowanna meets Kane, she is inexplicably drawn to this rough-hewn rancher but senses he holds secrets that could mean life or death to her.

sebastianSecrets of Sebastian Beaumont

Danielle Beaumont had come to the isolated old vanilla plantation to meet her estranged grandmother, a dying woman who had been kinder to strangers than to her own flesh and blood. As the old woman fearfully whispered of hidden dangers, Danielle pacified her with a promise, a promise more than one of those strangers would sooner see her dead than keep. And Sebastian Beaumont was one of those strangers. An orphan raised as a beloved son by her grandmother, the darkly handsome man told Danielle what he thought of scheming long-lost relatives. Her grandmother managed to manipulate them even from her grave and Danielle found herself forced to marry a man she had every reason to fear….


RainbowTasmanian Rainbow

Flynn’s cousin Suzy, once married to Marshall Beckett, reveals details of her awful marriage to a tyrant. She begs Flynn to see if the son she left behind is okay and locate her hidden diary, a “matter of life or death.” Flynn is at a crossroads in her life where she can renew her contract as a world-traveling concert violinist or search for what she really longs for–a home, with a special person to love. She arrives at Marshall’s horse ranch, Rainbow’s End, under the pretense of answering his ad for a nanny. But Suzy had failed to tell Flynn that in the same ad he advertised for a wife. This rugged, coppery-haired rancher is burned out of love and wants a woman to bear him children, without investing any emotional commitments. When they decide a marriage of convenience is the only way to save Rainbow’s End, sparks fly between them.


practicePractice Makes Perfect

Married and so much in love, Taylor and Rick enjoy a perfect marriage, with a great relationship both in bed and out of it — except Taylor finds it impossible to overlook her 6’3″ ex-football-player husband’s obsession with medical books, doctors’ websites, and vitamin consumption. She is driven to change Rick’s bizarre hypochondria (she calls it the Capital H) by concocting weird tricks that get him sidetracked. She fears Rick will become so consumed by his problem he will self-destruct, while she wants a baby and he says he isn’t ready. He also claims he’s allergic to all kinds of pets, yet when Taylor impulsively rescues an Old English Sheepdog from certain death at the pound, conservative Rick ends up running naked through the woods in a thunderstorm looking for the runaway dog.
Opposites attract—but is the laughter and passion they share in their mixed-up marriage enough to save the day?

nutshellLife in a Nut Shell

A collection of short stories, essays & observations, ranging from humorous to inspiring, but all thought-provoking as are much of Pinkie Paranya’s longer works in novels. None of her writing will ever leave you suspended in mid-air at the end, waiting for a satisfying closure.
Her essays have been printed in newspapers, her views are her own, but she wants to share them with her readers. Some will agree, some will not, but that too is thought-provoking and challenging.
In the Retro Computer section, since she started computing in the 80s when personal computers were a new phenom, here’s hoping some of you will fondly recall those early days and the newbies may get a rare glimpse of where it all started.
In traveling years before it became common and ordinary, she had adventures serious, odd and humorous. Even if you never travel, you can enjoy her experiences.

The PET chapter is self explanatory. An innate respect for all of God’s creatures raises us up from the mundane to the extraordinary


love bitesLOVE BYTES Ode (Owed to My Computer)

LOVE BYTES Ode (Owed to My Computer) is not your average “Computers for Dimwits” or an intellectual perusal of computers and their owners. This is an imaginative view of computering before it was cool. A retrospective view before Windows and Microsoft.

For those of us who were in at the beginning, with Apples and using tapes instead of hard drives and thinking WOW! a 40K hard drive, when will I ever need any larger storage? Those were the days that I’m talking about. The days when we learned to make up our own programs because there weren’t any to buy and played “Hangman” as our only game.

We had wonderful computer clubs with nerds of all ages who didn’t know they were nerds and nerdesses. Thousands might recognize themselves in this book. And the newbies, the Microsoft babies, let this be a revelation of what they have missed.

At any rate, it’s a tongue-in-cheek take on computers and both factions should be able to enjoy the Beginning of Computers As We Knew it. There are letters from Marie Antoinette, Moses and Christopher Columbus, fairytales, poems by classical poets, all revised with the computer in mind, plus several tests to see how computer-wise the reader is.

winterA Touch of Winter

A collection of short stories with a winter/holiday theme. Fifteen different stories by 15 different authors: Bobbye Terry, Pinkie Paranya, Nana Prah, Jennifer Moss, Dawn Chandler, Jennifer Gibson, Shannon Kennedy, Robert Boris Riskin, Cathrina Constantine, Aneta Cruz, Bev Irwin, E. A. Aymar, Carole Avila, Alyssa Lyons, and Lynda Kaye Frazier
























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