CoverEscape By Melissa Stevens

** This short story contains adult content and is intended for readers 18 years and older

After a year of running and hiding from her family and an arranged marriage to her chanat leader, more than half of it never shifting out of her cougar form, Rebecca is found trespassing by Nick and his enforcer. He seems different, he seems to want to help her and protect her, but will he still want to when he knows her better?

Rebecca knows that keeping her away from her father and his choice of husband for her may end in a war between Chanats, will Nick be willing to risk his people? Her instincts tell her that he could be her mate, but after running scared for so long can she let herself trust her instincts? How can she be sure that he won’t take her back to her father?

Escape is a short story in the Kitsune world, available only in eBook and free everywhere.

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Change600x900Change by Melissa Stevens

First book of the Kitsune

A sudden life threatening injury turns Nickie’s world on its ear, but not in a way she ever would have predicted. Nickie finds out that not only do shape-shifters exist, but she is one. The Kitsune are a race of shape-shifters that have been living in secret alongside humans for centuries. As Nickie struggles to master her newly discovered shape-shifting and the abilities it brings her, she learns that some of the people in her life are far more than she knew.

Can Nickie handle all the changes headed her way on her own? Or does she have someone who can help her?

Change is available in eBook at:

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Fight by Melissa Stevens

Second Book of the Kitsune

Nickie is still learning to navigate the complexities of this new life. Now that she knows about mating she must deal with Brandon’s insistence that she’s his mate, but Nickie knows it isn’t true. What will she have to do to convince him?

While Nickie deals with the changes in her life, and harassment by a group of elitist shifters, Bill asks her to go to Seattle on pack business. But the trip won’t be as easy as expected, can she survive what’s headed her way?

Fight is available in eBook at:

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Hunt by Melissa Stevens

Third book of the Kitsune

Nickie returns to town eager to get back to her life and routine but soon discovers that there are many more changes headed her way. After an old school friend is murdered, a threatening message is written on the news article about her death and left for Nicki. She begins to wonder if maybe her friend had been killed as a warning to her, but why?

Together, Nickie and Devon set out to figure out who is behind the murder and what it has to do with Nickie, but can they do it before she gets hurt again?

Check out a sneak peek here.

Available in Paperback, and for KindleKobo,Smashwords, and Nook.

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