May 30, 2017 – Prompt – My Biggest Lie

White Lies are acceptable to protect someone’s feelings.
Broken Promises should be avoided at all cost.
Lies of Fabrication, only if by accident
Bold-Faced Lies, only if answering, “Do I look fat in this?”
Lying in Exaggeration, only acceptable if discussing fishing and golf.
Lies of Deception should be met with tier-iron justice.
Compulsive Lying should constantly be fought, agents.
Lies of omission, should not be omitted.
But the one you burn in the foulest pits of hell fore is Plagiarism, and we can all agree on that.

JL Lahey


Well, where do I start? With my name, I suppose. I acquired my current handle when I walked away from a train crash. Two trains, head on, four cars derailed and a fireball so high into the sky you could see it two counties away. Six dead and two missing-I don’t know what happened to the other person. Succumbed, is my guess. Anyway, as I walked away, I left my old life behind me and started over. As I slipped off, I saw L&N written on the side of one of the train cars, and the name Lane Nelson came to me. I liked it, so I kept it.
I’m a natural born salesman, so it wasn’t hard to pick up a new identity and sell people on it. Getting a new set of papers wasn’t hard either, especially with the millions I had stolen from a gangster just before I boarded the train.

Karen Hydock

(This week’s prompt came from Lloyd Rains)


May 23,2017 – Prompt -Whispers of Sweet Repose

I rise fully awake my alarm spell going off. No rest for this old wizard. I grab my sack and rise, heading towards the hidden exit. The hatch opens before I arrive and the horrible visage of the marked vagabond leering at me in the barely lit hovel forces me to alter my plan of a quiet escape. I weave a thread as he crosses the distance certain he has me, but then I cast Whispers of Sweet Repose and cross the room before he hits the floor enjoying the rest, denied to me.

I exit the tunnel and receive a blow that forces me to the ground a dark foggy field interfering with my eyes and I think I hear a voice tell me, “Your getting too old for all this adventure.”

D.T. Richoy

(this weeks prompt was from Gray)

May 16, 2017 – Prompt – “I went to bed and woke up…


Waking, I realize that I am not where I usually go to sleep.

Awakening with no recollection of the young lady that is laying next to me, is not an altogether unusual occurrence.

Cautiously I stand. Turning and attempting to soundlessly move away from my new bed mate, wondering the whole time, “What did I drink last night to make me awaken cuddled up naked, next to a dragon?”

JL Lahey

(this weeks prompt was from Jeanne Neale)

May 2, 2017 -Prompt – was a painting


donkey 2I am always at a loss for words when surrounded by asses.

J. L. Lahey


Four Donkeys Staring at an Unknown Object

Four donkeys stared over the fence.
Donkey number one— “So what do think?’
Donkey number two— “I don’t know; we have never seen anything like it before.”
Donkey number three— “Should we touch it? “
Donkey number four— “Do you want to touch it? I wonder if it bites? That funny man keeps running around waving that little box at us. I wonder what it is?”
Donkey number one— “look he keeps waving it at us. Listen, he is asking us if we want to be stars on You Tube. “
Donkey number three—“What’s You Tube?”

Jean Dunstan

May 9, 2017 – Prompt – LOST

For a change members of the group will be suggesting a prompt this weeks “LOST” was Ellynore Smith’s. Every week a different member will give the prompt.


I was feeling frantic. The papers with all of my computer passwords were lost. Well, they weren’t really lost. I had put them somewhere “safe”. I clearly remember moving the papers three weeks ago, putting them in a special place. But for the life of me, I couldn’t remember where.
I rifled through files and boxes, tearing the house apart. But no luck. I finally gave up and did the only thing I could think of that would help. I prayed. I prayed that either I would remember where I had put the passwords or I would find them “accidently” while looking for something else.
The very next day I was looking for some legal papers for my son, in a box of papers I had already searched through many times before. There they were!
Changing the secret hiding place…I won’t do that again.

Rose Anne Faulkner

April 25, 2017 – Prompt – A pilot who emergency lands on a carnivorous Island.

GPS failed. Radio’s out, but the island was inviting. Good timing too, since fuel needle had banged on empty-pin thirty minutes ago. What else? DO NOT ASK! No time for approach. Just head toward the clearing with gear down. At best, there were no shrubs nor grass. His spot to try was smooth. Looked velvety but shiny, appeared solid. Seat belt? Check.

An image, a memory flashed.

Not a really wide opening, but adequate diameter to fit his braking distance after touch down.

He tried to remember. What was that image of? It wouldn’t stay long enough to register.

Entire oval below edged around with bars pointing away from the open. Each ended in a ball.

Really familiar, but he couldn’t dig it up. Keep it. Frustrating. It only flashed.

His attention was on the controls. Had to be, now. He’d guessed right. Great! Wheels touched and maybe enough fumes left to reverse props, to brake. Feet on the pedals lightly, yet ready to stand hard, both on right or left if needed to slip sideways and stay on the surface. Might tip over on the bars?

The plane stopped. He breathed. Both still, at the oval’s edge.
Viscous liquid began to seep out of and over the surface. STRANGE!.
Peripherally, the bars and balls were moving, lifting.
Edges of the open were curling up, folding over them.
Plane and he inside were nudged toward the growing shadow at center.
Got darker yet when the bars intertwined overhead. Slivers of the outside daylight persisted, barely.

Finally, his image surfaced and held. Matched what this place looked like from the air. Botany!

But this one was huge! Really huge. The flat pans ringed with sticky, ball tipped “fingers.”
A SUNDEW; a HUGE sundew.

What will those digestive acids do to the aluminum skin of the plane?
No wondering how he’d go. End up.

His image morphed from plant to empty skeletons of flies and beetles.
Their insides dissolved, absorbed.
The class had found both inside their lab specimens.

He could now taste the the acrid fumes.

IT thought. If it could, he was a fly?

Doniaven Leckenby


Jasper looked up with his gold pan still swirling in the cold waters of Winter Creek. He had found a little color and was about to pull out a nice nugget when he heard the voice from behind.

The man said, “Well, Jasper! It looks like I’ve finally tracked you down to the spot where you’ve been finding all that dust! You won’t need money or gold where you’re a goin’.”

Jasper had his Colt revolver on his right side, away from and out of sight of the intruder.

In a lightning fast move he whipped around and fired two rounds into the man’s chest. The fellow fell in a quivering heap on the creek bank.

He came face to face with St. Peter. He was turned away at the pearly gates when St. Peter said, “You can’t sit with us.”

“Really?” he replied, “Do they still have cliques in Heaven?”

J. C. Gable

February 21,2017 – Prompt -It Seemed Like a Good Idea Yesterday


I got the idea in the evening while I was half intoxicated, but now in the bright daylight and suffering a hangover, I have second thoughts.

I wander through the empty house feeling sorry I did not get up in time to kiss my husband good-bye before he left for work. He too was enthusiastic about the idea and promised to do research into the matter. I’m sure he’ll come home this evening and not say a word about it. The crazy ideas I get when I’m full of sweet wine

I go about the day moving slowly to begin with, but by the afternoon I’m ready to cook a special meal. I set the table with the good china and sterling and light some candles. Soft music fills the room and I put on a special dress. After all these years, I’m still my husband’s girlfriend.

The car pulls into the driveway and my husband rushes into the house, his face glowing. He hugs me and lifts me off my feet.

“I did what you suggested,” he said all excited. “I went and bought an elephant. He will be delivered tomorrow.

Ellynore Smith
Yesterday I was brilliant. I felt like I could make no mistakes or errors. I shone like a star.
I got this wonderful idea on how to repair and remodel my house. It would make everything simple and quick. I could have it finished in a week instead of six to eight months.

I was so excited and went right to work. Fixing this and replacing that. Moving along at a rapid pace until one of my tools short circuited my electric panel. Oh-Oh no new fuses. But I do have a penny. I unscrewed the old fuse, popped the penny into the socket and re-screwed the old fuse back into the panel. It worked great. I kept on rolling along. Getting all kinds of projects going and finishing up on others.

I was starting to get hungry when Mom called and asked me to come over for dinner and spend the night. Wow that was a great idea Mom had and I accepted with glee. That way I would have a great dinner and even a clean place to sleep, with a long beautiful soak in Moms whirlpool bathtub as an added attraction.

The next morning I felt like a million bucks. Mom fed me a delicious breakfast, enough to last me all day. And I was to come back this evening for more of her wonderful hospitality. Mom sent me on my way with a full tummy, a full heart, and a mind full of new ideas.

Valerie Cook

February 14, 2017 – Prompt – “And I will come again, my love, tho it were 10,000 miles. “Robert Burns

Brady and Stephanie were neighbors and loved each other it seemed like forever. Their parents didn’t always approve of their relationship and tried to discourage them. Sometimes they would pretend they didn’t like each other just for fun to see what that would be like.
He adored her and she thought him the handsomest person she’d ever seen.
One day the world fell apart for them when Brady’s family moved away. Far away—to Texas. The two were desolate, couldn’t eat or talk. Their families were sure they would get over it in time, but that didn’t happen.
Finally, Stephanie received a letter from Brady for Valentine’s Day. If I am a million miles away from you, it won’t change anything. When I get into 5th grade I will run away and come back to you.

Pinkie Paranya

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

It was February 14, 1988, in the heartland of Portland, Oregon when my true love broke his promise to me and shared his dying love.
For years, I grieved in silence not knowing for sure why he left. Until twenty-seven years later, while I lay in deep slumber, he came to me.
“Hi,” he said. A big smile crossed his face. “I’m happy now.”
From my bed, I watched him fade back into eternity. Sleep did not come easy for me the rest of the night. And it would be weeks before I would understand the meaning of his visit.
I would learn the cold, bitter truth a few days before his tenth anniversary, when I clicked open a picture on Facebook and saw his gravesite.
May15, 1952 – December 15, 2004.
Yes, he had traveled ten thousand miles, plus many more, from a place I call Heaven.

Suzie Hagen

November 29, 2016 – Prompt – Think back to your childhood. Write about an article of clothing or outfit you remember one of your parents (or another influential adult figure) wearing.

The outfit/uniform I remember my mother wearing was a dress. Not just any dress but, the ones she made with a fitted bodice with gathered or pleated full skirt, that fell just below the knees. The necklines varied from boat, square, oval, round as well as V neck. Not the cowl, turtle, or high necklines I preferred.

The fabric in those days was cotton, her’s were quite colorful with varied designs: flowers, stripes, plaid, very few plain. This was the code of passage, a real sign of the times.

She would sprinkled these with a bottle that had a stopper fit on the top with holes, not the spray bottles of today. Since we lived in Eastern Oregon, she put the clean sprinkled dresses in large bags. They were stored in the freezer to prevent drying or mildewing. It was my job to iron at least one daily, which was a challenge I enjoyed. Not like at Grandma’s house where I had a whole bag of: hankies , pillowcases, dress shirts, etc., which seemed to take hours to iron when I was in my youth.

I remember a time when I was in high school, mother and a neighbor would bicycle early in the morning  in their dresses. They would try to be earlier than the buses and/ or traffic.

“Are you up advertising this early in the morning?” Dad asked mom.

Carol Bouchard