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NancyI have always enjoyed reading science fiction and mysteries. My writing leans toward a parable style that mimics today’s issues. I write space opera with futuristic possibilities that create an interesting adventure story. I suggest romance, but the story is my main focus. My stories are based on my knowledge of how people interact, and on the movies, and books I have read until I go into the bizarre. My domino series take you from first contact to thought provoking topics of today. When I wrote Where Did They Go? during NaNoWriMo, I found another topic to begin my next nanowrimo series. This series takes place today in a location I am familiar with, southeast Idaho. Check my webpage and blog for free stuff.
I travel the west with my husband enjoying many of nature’s sights and museums along the way.
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Saga Series

saga-1Similar : But Not the Same

Like a domino effect, these stories explores what we as humans may socially become due to our actions of the past. Taking place three hundred years in the future, as we begin to settle our Moon and Mars, another world of people are beginning to save theirs. The social structure of these aliens evoke questions we have to ask ourselves. Here we begin the journey to our fourth planet Mars, where a society of aliens hopes to befriend us. We find out they are not much different than ourselves or are they? Murder or accidents can happen.

As we begin to settle our Moon and Mars three hundred years in the future, another world of people are beginning to save theirs. They hope to befriend us as they had with two other hominin species discovered. Would they be able to communicate with us?
Alice Morgan decides to leave her work on the Moon after her love affair turns sour. Packing up her cat, she heads for a new job on Mars trying to avoid another relationship, but love and nature has rules of its own.
Secrets unfold about the aliens during interviews set up between both species that reveal they are similar but not the same as us.
Like a falling domino effect, one event leads to another exploring what we as humans may socially become due to our actions of the past. Murder and accidents can happen.

DeflectionBookCover3Sml (2)Deflection

A piece of metal, found by a small boy in Arizona, guides him into adulthood as Tucson’s finest detective on the trail of murder and political twists in the twenty-fourth century. Three murders occurring during the same night, becomes suspicious when Detective Blackhawk meets a distraught rich girl. After placing her in a safe house with friends, he follows his suspect to the Moon and Mars where he meets one of the aliens for the first time.

crossroadsCrossroads: A Moment of Decision

Who doesn’t have a family mystery? One of the ways humans avoid long exposure to radiation on Mars is to return to Earth. Old friends meet and soon Alice finds out that someone is stealing her cousin’s heirlooms. Why would anyone want these remnants from the past? Is there a surprise in store for Mike and Alice? Greed and redemption still occur in the twenty-fifth century.




After the aliens almost destroyed their world 2000 years ago, they had to escape to their moons and nearby planet for survival. Some either missed their trajectory or flew out of their solar system to parts unknown.
Space travel had advanced to allow the ahmans to search for their lost brethren. In the process, they discovered another species called humans on Mars.
Two people from Mars decide to be the first humans in deep space by choosing to come with the aliens in their quest of discovery.
Acceptance has to be earned. What happens when societies have split in different directions? Will they remember their past?



The two humans and their daughter are heading back home to Mars in the alien ship. They have to endure stops along the way at the alien base station. Problems occur by the exruler who hijacks one of the alien’s ship and kidnaps his obsession.





desert-shockDesert Shock

The shock the Tucson police find in the desert is nothing compared to the shock Mother Nature dishes out. When Detective Alex Blackhawk in the 25th century is put on a murder case of dismemberment, he discovers there is a connection all the way to the White House. Dodging blaster plasma and earthquakes he has to decide if the Vice President’s influence will sway him..






where-did-they-go-coverWhere Did They Go?: The World of Vesda (Urban One)

where-did-they-go-coverSusan was devastated when her husband dies in a car accident. Friends and family cannot fill the void left in her heart from his passing. One thing after another keeps disappearing around her home until she steps into another world. The characters she encounters help her with lost memories until she realizes who killed her husband.



nancys-pottery-saleThe Pottery Sale: What Lies Beneath (Urban 2)

Susan decides to take up pottery classes when one of the pottery shop’s owners becomes involved in the local town’s crime of jewelry theft. Three potters die for greed when Susan’s friend pulls her
into his own fight in a land of spirits under the same building where the thieves are meeting. Susan finds herself running from an angry witch, a drug lord, and a murderer only to be saved by the odd mix of spirits who live beneath.


nancy-christmasThe Christmas Gift of Friendship

Susan Edwards, bored with her daily chores tries a neighbor suggestion that she enroll in pottery classes.
The annualnancy-christmas Pottery Sale invites novices and professionals to sell their crafted wares to raise funds for the hospital. The competition reaches into everyone’s personal lives until someone mysteriously dies.
Hobnobby, in his efforts to find himself a dwelling of his own, discovers the darker side of this small town when Swedish myths and native spirits collide. How can Susan help Hobbs new encounters and the crimes being committed in Firth?

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