Mary Hanley





Romance and Murder in the Cinque Terre

Former Special Forces Commander Drake Harrington and his partners find themselves on a trail of lust, murder, and vengeance that lead them from San Francisco to Rome, and then to the Cinque Terre area of Italy. An unexpected encounter with a beautiful brown haired woman puts Drakes life on the line as he strives to save her from a serial killers’ need for revenge.




51Kw693reMLSnow Flowers and Blood

While June, Pauline and Gina are dealing with a crazed killer in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, the Ambassador sends Drake, Tom and Bill to destroy a sex slave compound in Somalia, Africa.

What they find could destroy Bill’s hope for happiness.

The mission is dangerous enough but Drake has to command an army consisting of retired Navy SEALs, rag-tag mercenaries, and Maasai warriors on a blood lust for revenge, against an enemy that has no conscience about human life and dignity…

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