Kevin Draper

1-Kevin Kevin Draper

The week Kevin Draper turned twenty-one, he bought his first motorcycle and started to ride. This was about the same time he began his career as an electronic technician. Over the years he grew into an active HOG rider and a software engineer. He spent long working hours with engineers from all over the world and weekends with people who enjoy the open road. One Halloween he dressed as Dilbert the engineer for the HOG ride and then went to work the next day in leathers and a skull rag.

In the mid-1990’s, after the passing of his wife, he traveled across the country on the back of his Harley and took up an interest in writing along the way. All those miles, people and experiences have contributed to his novels and poetry.

He now lives in Yuma, Arizona with his second wife, Alice, who is his editor.




Reeling from the death of his wife, Harold buried himself in his work, and then the layoffs came. As Harold left his office for the last time, he stood beside his motorcycle in the parking lot for a long while. With pink slip and severance pay in hand, Harold wondered what to do with his time, himself, his life.
Harold placed his hand on the throttle – almost in a daze – and slowly, gently, the inspiration came. He had always dreamed of riding the Pacific Coast Highway but had never had the time, the money or the freedom to do so. Now he had been slapped in the face with all three. What adventures awaited?




51TCS9eQMWL._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_LIVING ON THE EDGE

Harold finishes his ride down the Pacific Coast Highway with his new love and finds a job in a microchip factory. The factory job leads to new friends who have struggles and romances of their own. But, the factory is in trouble. If it fails and their employment ends will friendships last? Will romance survive? Can they save the factory? Harold and Mary Anne are a team that’s hard to beat.

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