M. Kay Howell

M. Kay Howell is the grandmother who loves to paint little fingernails, help in beading projects and make prom dresses. She loves to listen to and record the stories of her children and grand-children. She never tires of hearing new ideas for stories and is looking forward to seeing what Sylvan and her family get into in the next series.

M. Kay’s Works

The Ruby Hind (The Lost Babies Series, Tome 1)

Sylvan is celebrating another birthday, her 10th. She is still in the orphanage where she was taken as a baby when she was found in a twig basket, hanging in a tree, over a raging river. She has been happy there but lonely, and knows it is time for her to find her family, for they must miss her too. Her escape, with the help of the trees through the dark scary forest, makes her wonder if she had made the right decision to leave. Then she finds herself in a beautiful glen where she meets her tiny sister, who tells Sylvan that she is part of a wonderful fairy kingdom where she had loving parents and very mischievous twin little brothers. She is fitted with her first wings and learns to fly and dance, as all fairies do. The mysterious plot continues as she finds that she was one of three fairy children lost as babies. The village is happy to have her back and celebrate but the sad parents of the other two lost babies make her feel guilty, and she resolves to do something about the lost children. Sylvan is encouraged as she learns a wonderful game that may help her find the lost babies.

Too Many Parents (The Lost Babies Series, Tome 2)

Sylvan’s twin little brothers think they have found one of the lost babies being held by an ogre, in the big people’s forest. One of the twins is captured by the huge gray spider and Sylvan and her brothers and sister fight to free him. The trees tell Sylvan and the children wonderful and frightening news – Sylvan is Princess of the Trees! With the aid of the trees and the wonderful Game, they help the lost child escape from the angry ogre and fight their way back to their village, only to find that two sets of parents are waiting to claim the tiny boy. Sylvan’s family must be strong as they help the elders see that the boy must stay with them until they can decide which family is his. Sylvan knows that the only real answer will be to find the other lost child.

The Hardest Lessons (The Lost Babies Series, Tome 3)

The boys in the village create a terrible problem when they steal honey from the bee kingdom and endanger the bee babies in the hive. But sylvan meets with the bee queen and they work out a punishment for the boys that turns out to be sticky problem for them all! The bee queen hints that sneaky business is going on in the gnome village and may affect the fairies, They must enter the world of the gnomes, where everything has a statue-like life. Sylvan feels sorry for the ogre and befriends him, helping him find a new companion. The Game helps them decide the best way to find the child, and Sylvan asks the ogre to help them with the gnomes. The third child is there but he is now a statue! The children decide to steal him and return him to their village anyway. The fairy families are reunited and the village celebrates. Of course every celebration has a dark side and a mysterious stranger wants Sylvan to go to the Great Northern Fairy Kingdom with him. Her family keeps her safe and she knows that there will be more wonderful and adventurous times in her home in the fairy world.

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