Kirsten Wohlgemuth

7021882About the Author

Kirsten Marie Wohlgemuth has prepared, pursued,
and dreamt about novel writing. This novel
is her first. Her plans are for more
and she is working towards that. In the past,
Kirsten was a panel member of New Comers
story collections, published and available
through the Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, Museums and Archives.For the love of her own Danish heritage and culture she has self-published Danish Food Canadian Attitude Cook book.

Among the FlowersAmong the Flowers

A fictional family saga of Ukrainian Immigrants to Central Alberta, Canada, spanning the years 1936 to 1970.
They face hardships in establishing a homestead, ethnic discrimination, and the dirty hungry thirties.

It includes explicit love scenes
making it suitable for young adults to adult readers



Not to Talk AboutNot To Talk About

There are strong messages to young adults about taking charge of your life, avoid the many pitfalls of substance abuse in today’s society, and make good decisions or suffer the unthinkable consequences. Living in an alcoholic home is tough. Adults should also read this book. Think of prevention or change for yourself, for family members. Rehabilitate–Recognize the signs. Above all—communicate—make it Something to Talk About


Danish CookbookDanish Food: Canadian Attitude

The contents are not as much for the 1st generation immigrant as it is for the following generations as a teaching tool meant to carry on traditions through food. This book has recipes, stories to go with some foods and how and where to serve these dishes and some very beautiful pictures. 1st generation immigrant customers have called it a delightful book to buy as a gift for their younger generations. They appreciate spaces left in the book for the purpose of the buyer to include a favorite recipe to hand down.
Danish Open face Sandwiches are delicious but first they are beautiful for eyes to behold. Introduced in Denmark during the 1920’s they have been dressed down or dressed up. For celebratory events they are a piece of art. There are 16 different sandwich instructions in this book. I give you one example:

½ piece of thin sliced rye or pumpernickel bread. Lots of butter on the bread, it holds the leaf of butter lettuce in place. Old fashioned ham rolled, folded to give dimension to the look. Don’t be skimpy! Steamed peas and carrots chilled and in mayonnaise are liberally put on top. Add 2 spears of cold and cooked asparagus (white is mostly used by Danes, green asparagus works too.) Now get a little fancy by using a small sprig of parsley and perhaps a lemon slice cut and twisted.



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