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Ellynore Seybold-Smith presently lives in the desert southwest. Before she took up residence in Arizona she lived in Maryland. Many years, she and her husband and two children lived aboard a sailboat. Adventures with the boat resulted in a book called ‘The Wooden Mistress.’ Her first novel, entitled ‘Sigrit,’ is now available from Black Opal Books.




Wooden MistressThe Wooden Mistress

This is a true story of an event in 1962 on the beach Southampton, Long Island, New York. After a shipwreck, the real story is how the people of Southampton came together.





One Cold NightOne Cold Night and Other Stories

A Collection of short stories and poems written over a period of time. Some are accounts of true events, others are entirely fictitious.



Luxury Home with Large Back YardSigrit

Seven-year-old Sigrit’s happy and structured life in Germany ends suddenly one afternoon in 1944. With her parents dead, she is forced to travel with a woman who hates children while being taken to live with strangers. Even her fourteen-year-old brother is yanked away from her side. When the war ends, Sigrit is once again separated from those she loves. With so much tragedy in her young life already, how will she find the courage to face what her future brings? Sigrit is the poignant tale of war, tyranny, cruelty, love, hope, and kindness.
Follow Sigrit and her family as they struggle to survive in war-torn Germany.

Erica's DilemmaErica’s Dilemma

Erica was putting clean clothes away when she found a letter hidden in her husband Walter’s underwear drawer. The envelope was still sealed and addressed to her. After reading the return address, Erika fainted. There was a time when her biggest hope and desire had been to receive a sign of life from her first husband, who was missing on the Eastern Front. When she finally found out he was alive, it became her biggest nightmare. How will she make it through the horror?



51h99wsltlLove Across the Ocean

Charlotte Mesinger is willing to do almost anything to escape the beatings in the home where she grew up. When she spies an advertisement for a wife to help care for three children, she sees it as an answer to her prayers, even though it means going to America and forgetting the young man she’s been seeing. When Friedrich Haupt’s wife dies giving birth to their third child and her parents insist he must hand over the children to them, he is frantic. A customer in his jewelry shop suggests going to America, and another offers to buy the establishment. But convention forbids a woman living in his household without marriage, for whatever reason, and he places the ad, ready to give the woman her freedom after a year. With these desperate situations resolved, Charlotte and Friedrich still have many secrets…

51h8pj86v2lLove Not Departed

Calvin Carter, grieving widower, avid sail-boater, meets Rhonda Slater, ca
t lover and recent widow. Despite their mutual attraction there are obstacles in their path to love. Potential objection from Rhonda’s daughter is easily handled, but not so easy to thwart is the jealous reaction of Rhonda’s deceased husband, George.

The spirit of Calvin’s wife Maryanne wants him to find happiness, as she tells him in a telephone call from the beyond. George on the other hand is determined to destroy the love match any way he can. If he can’t have Rhonda then neither can anyone else, and he’s ready to do whatever he can to rock the boat – literally as well as figuratively.

Can Maryanne prevent George from ruining a new happily-ever-after relationship?


51xngecdqslLove in the Golden Years

Harold, a widower and a retired government worker, misses his wife and decides to take up a hobby. Courageously stepping out of his shell, he joins a scuba diving class, where he meets a vivacious widow and discovers new adventures. Attractive and fun-loving Aletha spices up Harold’s mostly routine life with one surprise after another. Neither of them expect any obstacles to a nice relationship, but everything—from sexual malfunction to legalese to Aletha’s new career—seems to interfere.

Will they ever find married bliss?




Lorraine Albright Lopez is released from an Arizona prison after serving fifteen years for killing her husband in self-defense. She is now thirty-seven and has three children who have been alienated by her husband’s parents who have custody of them. Bitter and resentful of her in-laws, whose money and power had her incarcerated when she should have gone free, Lorraine decides to leave Arizona in a used RV and start a new life on the road. But her in-laws want her dead and will st

op at nothing to achieve this. Can Lorraine put her past behind her and start over, or will the mistakes she made when she was young and foolish haunt for the rest of her life—however long, or short, that may be?

All books available now on Kindle and Nook, also in paperback at Amazon.com.

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