Carmel Westerman

The author was born in the Arden, Ontario, Canada area. She attended school in Wilton, Ontario, until her family moved to California in the early 1950’s. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work at California State University, Sacramento, CA. Her degree in Social Work has helped her better understand the full range of human emotions. And, as a former Canadian, she is familiar with the welfare history.

Carmel has been writing haiku poetry for twelve years; her poetry has been published in many print and online journals.

 Carmel’s Works

Mrs. Atwater

Mrs. Atwater is a historical/inspirational novel, based on the early history of the children’s welfare sytem in Ontario, Canada. In 1891 the determination of one Godly dedicated woman changes the lives of seven orphaned brothers and sisters.They, at early and tender ages, faced the poverty and public attitudes of the times. Mrs. Gertrude Atwater rescues them from an uncertain future.

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Anna_May_Cover_for_Kindle (2)

Anna May is an inspirational family saga, set in Watertown, New York in the 1960’s. After a childhood of abuse and a brain injury, Anna May is determined to survive. Now in her seventies, she finds solace in a church where she meets a woman looking for a caregiver for her elderly sister. Anna May is the perfect companion. Older and wiser, the women take life full circle.

Bessie's Story


Bessie’s Story

Two years have passed since Milton Bamgrdener returned to Kingston, Ontario, after having gone missing for seven years. Bessie’s story is both a sequel of Mrs. Atwater and stand alone historical fiction.

Carmel recognized that children in the 1800’s had very few advocates. Their lives very often depended on luck. Many were taken from their parents in England and Ireland and relocated to Canada and the USA. Her books reflect this using historical fiction.


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