April 24, 2018 – Prompt – salt, light, hand, cover, water

It wasn’t long before her hand started to shiver, the water was ice cold and with the light going out it felt eerie and depressing all around.
“Where was Robert after all,” she wondered. She looked anxiously all around at the darkening sky.
“Will he make it safely over the icy bridge and come looking for me,” she wondered.
The car was a total wreck and her hand was turning numb and cold, stuck in the mangled, bent, metal of what was once a car door. Yes, her wrist was broken, crushed probably with the impact, as the car had skidded over the wet pavement and hit the rock on the side of the lake. It all seemed such a loss, and now the wave of darkness slowly crept over her consciousness as she fell asleep.

Tim Bhajjan


The beach where I live has a wide sandy area. One day I took a walk in the morning sunlight, and something on the stretch ahead caught my eye. A section of cardboard laid on the ground near a grassy overhang. Wary some crab or jellyfish might be under it, I extended my hand and turned the covering away. Much to my surprise, I found a hill of salt. A trickle of water ran around the white grains from the runoff above.
Bending down, I looked at the mound closer and saw small black bugs depositing one salt grain at a time onto the salt hill.
This was most curious. So, I followed the trail of beetles up on the grassy ledge above me. There, someone had dumped a load of road salt on top of the bug’s home. They were busy removing the grains away from the entry to their tunnel.
This taught me a good lesson. That there is more intelligent life beneath our world.


Nancy Nation



April 10, 2018 – Prompt – The last human sense is discovered and it makes humans…

The last human sense is discovered and it makes humans beings spin out of control due to adopting the actions of whatever primate with which they come in contact.
As the dog lover takes on their pet behaviors of: scratching, licking and jumping at will. Luckily they’re past the chewing stage, but wagging is a problem with their more stationary spin and all fours-stretching out on the cool tile floors and panting in the heat. I see they have lost all modesty as they lift their legs as well.
Cat people are jumping up and down off ledges. Purring as they look for laps to lay in. Amazing how they lick and roll into balls.
I have yet to see turtle or reptile owners. Cow, horse and pig people are quite entertaining. Goat owners are the most fascinating.
No wonder mermaids are thought to exist, as l see whale lovers dive and surface looking for company.

Carol Bouchard

April 17, 2018 Prompt – Low battery. Exactly the two words I didn’t want to see right now

Low Battery

It started with an evening camel ride in the Sahara Desert of Morocco. Abdul, my guide of about twenty, looked like the handsome prince from central casting. I balanced myself on the uncomfortable back of a white dromendary. Suddenly, from the distance I heard the hoots and shouts of a horde of men coming toward us. They surrounded Abdul and myself and forced us off our camels. Within a minute, the horde, camels and Abdul had disappeaed over the dunes.
I stood there, all alone dressed in a cape and turban while darkness swifly descended upon me. I pulled out my trusted cell phone and read the message–low battery.
God help me.

Ellynore Smith

March 10, 2018 – Prompt – People change, even the Devil was once an Angel.

Everyone changes?
Well, that is a load of crap.
I refuse to change.
Even my father’s casting me out, will not force a change in me.
I told him what I thought of his rule.
I am sticking to my words.
I shall not change.
No matter how long the banishment to the basement lasts.

yours truly – Lucifer

JL Lahey


March 27, 2018 – Prompt – I was hunting Easter eggs but instead found____?

I pushed aside the long narrow leaves of the irises, looking for bright spots of color. I wasn’t expecting to hear the low rattle almost dry leaves rustling against each other. Having been raised in the desert, I knew to freeze. The only thing that moved, aside from the pulse I could feel pounding in my throat, were my eyes. I looked carefully until I spotted him. There he was, coiled between the cluster of green stalks and the building wall. I was hunting Easter eggs but instead had found a rattlesnake. Thankfully, he wasn’t poised to strike. Moving ever so slowly so I didn’t startle him, I pulled back and let him be. If there were eggs there, he could have them!

Meleesa Stephens


It was a fun group of people, some older than others, and a whole group of children. The mission was to roam widely in the garden looking for those brightly colored eggs. It sounds easy, but the heat was killing me. I looked for those shaded places and quietly crept into the dark recesses, moving the greenery around and peering intently among the rocks and weeds.
I had hardly noticed them, they were sitting quietly like a well-behaved class of kids but then one of them moved, and another flapped her wings, and the game was up. They were six of those goslings about a few days old, bright eyed and probably well fed for they just sat there quietly as if in deep meditation.
Here I was hunting for Easter eggs but instead found this quiet lot, resting before beginning their journey into life.

Tim Bhajjan


February 27, 2018 – Prompt – Pick Six

This weeks prompt was a pick six exercise and began: You are tending to your own business when a yeti stops you. this unproven (possibly mythological being asks if you know you spouse is flirting with a glorg. You have no idea what the being wants, so you counter with handing it the newspaper you have in your back pocket.

The underlined words/phrases were picked from a list of six for each. Here is one members response.

Not every day one meets a Yeti, the one-eyed hairy fellow. It scared me just a bit I’d say, but he seemed rather mellow.
Besides I couldn’t get around him. He took up all the sidewalk. He leaned right in with his yellow-toothed smile. Suggested we have a talk.
“What about?” I gasped with a croak. While he cracked a terrible grin.
“Just between you and I.”
It involved a bit of sin.
“Linda,” he hissed, “your faithful wife has been slipping and sleeping around.”
“Give me break,” I countered. “I’d have heard in this very small town. Look,” I said reaching far behind and pulling a newspaper out. “It says right here adultery is nil. What are you talking about?”
“Well,” he said, “believe what you will. Believe it or not. Indeed I have to say really you should not believe everything you read.”

Donna Costly

March 20, 2018 -Prompt – fire, light, riddle

Two responses both from Ellynore

1. The fire threw a light on the riddle. The butler did it.
2. “Got a light buddy?”

I pulled out my bic and gave it a click. The fire lit up his face. I pulled back in shock. The only feature was a mouth with a butt extending out. No nose, no eyes, nothing else.

He spoke in a raspy voice, “What are you staring at? Haven’t you ever seen people from Riddle before?”

“No, I don’t even know where Riddle is.”

“It’s the little country between Rubik and Cube.”

Ellynore Seybold

March 6, 2018 – Prompt – use dance, adorable and pattern

Millie reached for a record, it was Glen Miller and his orchestra. She hadn’t danced to his music since she was a 20-year-old and volunteered at the USO in San Francisco. She remembered a particular day when a tall sailor came through the door.

She watched him from the other side of the room. He was hands down the most handsome man she had ever seen. She felt her heartbeat speed up. He was coming across the room looking at her with his bright blue eyes. There was a hint of a teasing nature in his glance.

She smoothed down her new skirt. She hoped he liked it. She had made it herself with a pattern from Simplicity, the latest style was the claim on the envelope.

“Hello,” the sailor said, “I’m Bud McAllister.”

Milly stammered, her tongue wouldn’t cooperate, “I’m.” Was all she could get out.

“You’re Milly aren’t you.”

How does he know my name? Her face reddened as she remembered she had on a name tag.

“Okay, Milly, I will just call you Adorable.”

Christine Howard


He was an elder, Hopi antelope clan specifically, according to the beaded pattern of the sash hanging from his headband. Been many years since I heard grandpa claim he was the first white-eye allowed to photograph the people perform their sacred snake dance. No one had ever challenged that story. Was not wise to challenge grandpa’s stories, whether family or not! I’d seen the prints, they’d been beaten-up old, the dancers carried all the right symbols; same as before me now. Only black and white photos, but one might imagine the colors, and their shades seemed to ring true. This was an experience, talking with the elder. But that damn rattle snake he held “too close by” was not at all adorable! Elder searched my face then his gaze locked on my eye. He spoke, “You look like Hiram.” One of the names grandpa went by. Then he added, “Your grandpa was a Yei-Ba-Chei* — and a friend.”

* Am continuing research on this term to independently corroborate its origin and meaning.
Aunt Edna, father (Lloyd), cousin Shirley, and grandpa Ed often labeled my younger brother and I this before we graduated eighth grade. Years later when we asked what it meant they all replied, “acting like one of the mischievous Kachinas.”

Donavin Leckenbey


February 13, 2018 – Prompt – A rose with a letter attached hung from the door. The letter simply said: “See you at 8 o’clock.

A rose with a letter attached hung from the door. The letter simply said “See you at 8:00 o’clock.”
Mary fidgeted the letter back into the envelope. She looked to the left. She looked to the right far down the street. No one. Could this be Ralph? He’s been staring at me for weeks. He asked me out but I ruined him down. Well, who knows. Could it be Bill? Oh, I hope it’s Bill. Big hunky Bill, with that welcoming smile, and that racy red sports car.
I better pick up the laundry, wash the dishes, and clean off the dining table. I know, I can use that red lace covered pot, put the rose in it, and use it for the center piece. Time passed, the meal cooked, and everything set out.
Eight o’clock rolled around. DING, DONG. “Hello?”
We are from the Jehovah Witness…..

Kevin Draper


A single rose with a letter attached hung from the door. The letter simply stated, “See you at eight o’clock.”
The rose was blue, a light shade of blue that matched Kaylee’s front door. A black wreath hung on the door as well, although it was beginning to turn more of a dark gray.
Weathered though it was, Kaylee wasn’t ready to take it down yet. Twelve days had gone by painfully slow since Brian, her fiancee, had died.
Today was Valentine’s Day, it was to have been their wedding day. Kaylee took the rose in her hand, lifting it to her face. There was no scent.
The rose and letter couldn’t have been there for long, she’d been gone from her apartment just an hour or so. She had no idea who had left it there. She turned and sat down on the stoop.

Karen Hydock


February 6, 2018 – Prompt – She opened the door to hundreds of roses. She knew they were from him. He had found her.

Iced Tea

 2/6/18 Prompt: She opened the door to hundreds of roses. She knew they were from him. He had found her.

She tasted the metallic dryness of her mouth, felt the dampness of her palms, and heard her blood pulse in her ears. She slammed the door and sank to the floor too stunned to weep.

Seven years she had lived in exile in the Sonoran Desert feeling a little freer and maybe even more confident with each season, but that all evaporated in a moment. What was her plan? She used to have one for this day. Why had she neglected her go bag?

A feeling descended upon her, a dark coolness, resolute and final. She opened the door, picked up the roses—it took her five armloads—and shoved them into the trash can next to her garage, walked back inside, and closed only the security door. There would be no more running.

Her tiny shaking fingers slipped the Kimber Micro 9 into her back jeans pocket as she strode to the kitchen to make iced tea.

Erv Barnes


Ella silently screamed when she opened the door to find a delivery man carrying 100s of roses. “Sign here.” He said, holding out a pad and pen.

Ellen tried to act composed, “surely you must have the wrong address.”

“No miss.” He replied looking down at the pad. “This is the right address.”

“Well I refuse the delivery.” she insisted.

“That’s your prerogative.” The man stammered, “ but I don’t think it will do much good. The man who placed the order is right behind me. Perhaps you can tell him yourself.” The delivery man ran off revealing a tall dark figure.

“Oh my God!” Ella screamed. “It’s you. How did you find me.“

“I’ve followed your moves for the past 5 years. Did you think you could ignore the contract you made that allowed you to enjoy your stardom and lavish life. Now that your five years are up, I’ve come to collect your soul and take it back with me to Hell.”

The devil then laughed a wicked laugh and disappeared in a puff of smoke with Ella.

Linda Scott