About Us

Write on the Edge is a group of writers in Yuma, Arizona who banded together to share ideas, gain publishing and marketing knowledge, offer critique and support one another.

Started in 2007 by Jeanne Hounshell and Christine Howard when both found themselves in need of a writing group. Somehow they met and each realized how serious the other was about writing and felt the need for support. They launched the group.

Yuma is a town with a population that nearly doubles every fall as people escaping winter come to spend a few months. In the fall Jeanne and Chris began to seek others needing a writing group and distributed fliers to RV parks and at the local library. A few people came but it was an article in the local paper that brought in a good-sized group. They now needed to move their meeting place which had been at a member’s home. So they explored possible sites and began meeting at Copper Hills House. At the time a new branch library was being built in the Foothills and in the fall of 2008 they made it their permanent home.

The library has provided the group not only with a place to meet but new writers have found them as the library has included them on their calendar and in the paper on events at the county libraries.

Although the number of members decreases in the summer they still met every week. They now have fifteen members year around and they met every Tuesday.

The group also keeps in touch through the use of a group e-mail. Thus no matter where we are or what we are doing we can still share with one another.

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