1-7-2020 – The New Year’s Mystery

Christmas has passed and it’s a New Year. Time to take down the lights and box up the decorations. Always a hassle taking off the lights with needles falling everywhere. As I removed the tree from the corner of the room, I was surprised to find a small unopened present still hiding.

The tag read: “To Tom from Santa”. I wondered who it was really from, as all the other presents were from known family members. I opened the small, well taped package to find a note. It read:”:Tom, you asked me for a new red Huffy bicycle back in 1960, but I was hung up in a snowstorm in Poughkeepsie, and couldn’t get it to you. Take this note to Robinson’s Bike Shop.”

The bike shop was only three miles away, so what the heck, off I went. When I showed the note to the grey-haired owner, he looked shocked. He went into the back storeroom and came out with a red Huffy bike covered in dust and cobwebs.

He said:” This bike was sitting back there, pre-paid for a boy named Tom since 1960″.

Tom Rutherford

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