1-21-2020 – Tires screeched. I turned and ran down the alley.

I didn’t anticipate this much adventure when I joined the Adventure Club. After meeting with the other club 12 members, we were each given a specific task. My assignment was to investigate the murder of a prominent politician, Jonathan Bigsby.

I was given the task of interviewing Fritz, the owner of local restaurant frequented by Bigsby. When I got to the restaurant the place was dark except for a light in the back room. I followed the light into the kitchen. There I found Fritz laying on the floor, a bloody knife sticking prominently in his chest.

The sound of screeching tires sounded from the open back door. I turned to run out to the alley. A dozen people standing in the alley yelled surprise! They were the other members of the adventure club and they were laughing as Fritz came out the door with the fake knife still in his chest.

Linda Scott

1-7-2020 – The New Year’s Mystery

Christmas has passed and it’s a New Year. Time to take down the lights and box up the decorations. Always a hassle taking off the lights with needles falling everywhere. As I removed the tree from the corner of the room, I was surprised to find a small unopened present still hiding.

The tag read: “To Tom from Santa”. I wondered who it was really from, as all the other presents were from known family members. I opened the small, well taped package to find a note. It read:”:Tom, you asked me for a new red Huffy bicycle back in 1960, but I was hung up in a snowstorm in Poughkeepsie, and couldn’t get it to you. Take this note to Robinson’s Bike Shop.”

The bike shop was only three miles away, so what the heck, off I went. When I showed the note to the grey-haired owner, he looked shocked. He went into the back storeroom and came out with a red Huffy bike covered in dust and cobwebs.

He said:” This bike was sitting back there, pre-paid for a boy named Tom since 1960″.

Tom Rutherford