November 26, 2019 – Prompt -If I went to the moon

If I Went to the Moon

I’d be the happiest guy in the world, if I went to the moon. All my cares would drift away, all dreams would not be held back. All adventures would be just beginning, if I went to the moon.

My imagination would be set free with every leaping step. I would only be lightly tethered so I could find my way back to my ship. I would write my journal each night after exploring for hours, if I went to the moon.

For me, this time I would return to my homeland, but then I couldn’t contain myself. My next journey would have to be thoughts of travel even beyond.

If I went to Mars, I can’t even explain my joy at the thought. It would be a new and ultimate flight, unending.

Viola LaBounty


I remember a long time ago watching early television when the stage character got mad at his wife and said, “One of these days Alice—pow! Straight to the Moon!” I was a little disturbed by that 1950’s comment, but it wasn’t the threat of injury that bothered me, but the fact how would she survive on the Moon? The Moon is a blistering cold place.

Nowadays, if you’re an astronaut, you can fly to the Moon and hop around in a protective suit. If I went to the Moon, I’d have to be younger and stronger to withstand the rocket’s G-force. Where would I stay once I got there?

Housing would be a problem. I’d have to wait another century for them to build habitats. The scientists say they want to cover a crater with a shield and build housing inside a dome. How will they make oxygen to breathe? Where will the food come from, or will Earth ship food to us until we can grow our own?

How much would the trip and boarding cost me? What kind of clothing would I wear? So much to think about.

Well, I’ll tell you this, I’m glad I’m at the age I am. I really don’t want to go to the Moon. I would rather look up at it on a summer day and admire the rabbit features an American Indian once told me about. She said the god wanted to protect the rabbit from the coyote, so he threw the rabbit up to the Moon. If you cock your head to the right side, you can see the outline of a rabbit. From Earth, I can see the Moon turn red and gold colors in the fall. If I went to the Moon, I’d never see all that.