November 19, 2019 – Prompt – If You Want to Annoy Me Just . . .

Here we go again. The interview of some “important” celebrity is already annoying me. About every other word they say, “Ya know?” Now I’m screaming, “No! We don’t know. That’s why you are being interviewed — so we will know, you twit.”

I am also annoyed when officers in a movie or TV cop show are yelling at a suspect, “Get down on the ground! Get down on the ground!” The scene may be in an apartment on the 15th floor of the Vegas Marriott or similar location. The suspect has a clear choice: 1. Comply with the police and run to the balcony and jump; 2. Or they can ignore the order and drop to the floor. Either way they could get resisting arrest tacked on to their charges. There’s no ground anywhere fifteen floors up. Potting soil for the palms in the hall doesn’t count either. When the cop catches up to the suspect below where they’ve landed on sidewalk or pavement or grass, anywhere but “the ground,” the suspect has still ignored police orders. They should be subject to resisting arrest.

In movies and videos the blue uniformed horse soldiers arrive with bugle calls and flying flags to chase the attacking tribe away from circled wagons. Actors often shout, “We’re saved! The Calvary is here!” I am yet again very annoyed. That religious landmark cannot leap oceans to help them. They should have shouted, “cavalry.” It may help script writers and actors to learn and remember the correct word is derived from Spanish for horses.

If you want to annoy me enough to scream at you just do one of the previous or another from my long list, “Things that piss me off.”

Donavin Leckenby


I am a person who comes to anger very slowly and when I do reach my boiling point, I don’t yell and scream, throw things, hurl curses and deplorable names at the person who has annoyed me. I stay extremely quiet and express my feeling with forceful words punctuated by silent emphasis.

One such occasion I recall occurred when I was working at St. Anthony’s in the Orthopedic surgery. When you arrived in the morning you got your assignment for the day.On this particular day my scrub tech, Alan was his name, and I had a case that was on the schedule for eight o’clock. We gathered our supplies and we took them to the operating room.

Now an aside when you get ready for a surgery you do not or did not open your sterile packs to early. We were notified that our case had been delayed so we left our packs unopened. Alan and I left the room the have coffee.

Twenty minutes later we went to our OR to find another scrub tech who wasn’t assigned to our cases opening our packs. Now as the circulating nurse I feel I am in charge of the room.

I don’t know what I said to her, but Alan later commented, “I hope I never make you mad.”

And I know I never raised my voice.

Christine Howard

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