November 5, 2019 – Prompt – River, Stone, Branch , Cloud

The reflection of the sky in the quiet and still lake showed one cloud as it floated on towards the river.   I traipsed knee-deep through the lake just because I could . . . stepping gingerly over the round rocks on my unshod feet . . . ouch . . .  A branch poked into my leg.   I wonder why I didn’t see it . . . the lake is so clear.   That was silly of me.   One would think I would have seen it.

What a beautiful day it is.   I breathe deeply and can smell the forest of pine trees, the sweetness of the grass; I can hear the sound of the water flowing down the rapids as the lake pours its soul through the rocks below.   Hear the birds?   I do . . . Tweet, tweet, tweet.   Oh, look at how they dance together.   There is a little one just chasing the hawk away.   I bet there is a nest over there, and the bird is protecting it from that hawk.    I love to watch them in action.    Oh look see the chipmunks scurrying in and out of that downed tree with the knotholes.   Chasing each other as if they have nothing else to do.  Oh look, he stopped, and another fell right into him.   Ha ha ha . . .  they make me smile.    Ah the love of wildlife and nature.   There is so much joy in the watching.

And now . . .  back to reality . . .  but I always have this to review in the avenue of my mind on another day.   I do that, you know.   I bring these memories out when I am having a bad day . . . they change my spirit into something bright.


-eileen detloff

October 22, 2019 – Prompt- The leaves were crunching beneath my feet, then I was falling through a hole

The leaves were crunching beneath my feet, then I was falling through a hole.

I awoke a while later, how long exactly I do not know, a few hours perhaps. At any rate, the sun had slipped down the icy blue sky to tickle the tops of the trees. That was my view from the bottom of the hole. It was a small hole and I wasn’t uncomfortable, but I was cold. I bent my arms and legs—everything seemed to be in working order. I stood up slowly. Stretching a bit, I found that I could get my eyes above the top of the hole. I scanned my surroundings, looking for whatever must have propelled me into this predicament. I found a foothold and was about to clamber out when movement in the trees caught my eye. I stood still and watched. A woman wearing a turquoise green cloak was bent over, speaking to a pumpkin—a jack o’ lantern to be exact. I saw the candle light from the gourd, and I saw the woman as she took a fan from the folds of her cloak. She spoke softly, then flicked her fan. I saw, for an instant, the pumpkin, then a second later an Adonis—that was the word that came to me. The male form that appeared was superb in every way. The woman took out a flask and gave a drink to the man. He looked at her with love and lust.

Karen Hydock