October 8, 2019 – Prompt -“We Get Along With A Little Help From Our Friends”

It was early in the month of May.  I was listening to the songs of the birds and the chirp of the smaller creatures in the woods.

Who knew that today was the day it would happen!  I’d always thought it would never happen. But now it had!  It was unthinkable.

I stumbled along the trail from deep in the woods where I’d been hiking.  I had been walking confidently as I followed the familiar trail.  The day had seemed like any other.  The sun was shining, and a whisper of a breeze rustled the leaves in the treetops.

Suddenly I’d felt an odd sensation, kind of like you feel when you stand up too suddenly after lying down.  The next thing I knew was that I was lying on the ground with one of my legs twisted in a way it shouldn’t have been able to go.

I whimpered to myself for a few minutes and decided that wasn’t getting me anywhere, so I started yelling for help.  That didn’t bring anyone either.  All it did was to make the chipmunks quit chirping, and the birds quit singing.

Then to my amazement, I saw, coming towards me on the trail, my pal and my best friend, my dog.  I had left him in the car with the windows down, but apparently he had heard my cries or maybe just got tired of being alone!

And so it is, that I made it out to the trail-head with a little help from our friends the birds and especially my best friend, Toby.


Lorraine Ueeck


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