February 5, 2019 – Prompt -peel,wood,lace, light,blue

I’m not sure I want to go through with this, Annie said to herself as she slipped the light weight dress over her head and put her arms through the lace bolero.

It had been a rough day. It seemed like something was wrong.

She had just met him today. His eyes were as blue as the sky but there was something that made her skin prickle when he touched her arm as he helped her step down off of the train. It wasn’t a good prickle either! Why had she agreed to meet him for lunch!

The air had turned chilly, a wind ruffled the tree leaves. She shivered as she threw a piece of wood on the smoldering fire in the fireplace. Maybe he won’t come. I hope he doesn’t she thought as she settled into a chair by the fire and began to peel an orange. Oh! I hope he doesn’t. I was stupid to agree to see him again.

Just as a clap of thunder split the air there was a knock at the door
Lorraine Ueeck

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