January 15, 2019 – Prompt – apple, car, sidewalk and bowl

Saturday morning I was driving my CAR back from the grocery store. It was raining so hard that my windshield wipers could hardly keep up. With the visibility so bad, I could hardly make out the boy on his bicycle riding on the SIDEWALK next to me.

He was peddling hard through the puddles and had no raincoat or hoodie for protection. All of a sudden he veered off the SIDEWALK right in front of me! I slammed on the brakes and braced for what was sure to be a tragic accident. My tires slid on the wet pavement, and I miraculously stopped before slamming into the young man.

My groceries were everywhere, with eggs and yogurt on the dashboard. The red delicious APPLES I had purchased had become ammunition as they flew from behind me like mortars.They barely missed my head.

I got out of my car and found the young man shaking and crying, but unhurt. I gave him and his bent bicycle a ride to his home.

When I returned to my own home I gathered up my groceries, what was left of them, as best I could and cleaned up the mess in my CAR The red APPLES seemed non the worse for the wear, so I placed them in a silver BOWL on the kitchen table.

Tom Rutherford


The Rolls Royce came careening around the corner, two wheels jumped the curb onto the sidewalk as the passenger window opened and a long arm threw something at the homeless person standing with his back against the building.

Whatever was thrown the man caught it, flailed his arm violently and screamed back as the car bounced across the curb into the proper lane of the street and sped off.

I went over to check the homeless old man and asked, “Are you alright? Whatever they threw at you did it cause an injury? Just in case, I got at least most of the license plate number!”

The man seemed angry when he looked at me but spat, “I am ok NOW!” He showed me what he’d caught. It was a bowl and held what appeared to be an apple pie.

Now I was puzzled, but before I asked he volunteered, “It’s my lunch. My son-in-law always delivers it that way.”

Donavin A. Leckenby

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