April 10, 2018 – Prompt – The last human sense is discovered and it makes humans…

The last human sense is discovered and it makes humans beings spin out of control due to adopting the actions of whatever primate with which they come in contact.
As the dog lover takes on their pet behaviors of: scratching, licking and jumping at will. Luckily they’re past the chewing stage, but wagging is a problem with their more stationary spin and all fours-stretching out on the cool tile floors and panting in the heat. I see they have lost all modesty as they lift their legs as well.
Cat people are jumping up and down off ledges. Purring as they look for laps to lay in. Amazing how they lick and roll into balls.
I have yet to see turtle or reptile owners. Cow, horse and pig people are quite entertaining. Goat owners are the most fascinating.
No wonder mermaids are thought to exist, as l see whale lovers dive and surface looking for company.

Carol Bouchard

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