February 27, 2018 – Prompt – Pick Six

This weeks prompt was a pick six exercise and began: You are tending to your own business when a yeti stops you. this unproven (possibly mythological being asks if you know you spouse is flirting with a glorg. You have no idea what the being wants, so you counter with handing it the newspaper you have in your back pocket.

The underlined words/phrases were picked from a list of six for each. Here is one members response.

Not every day one meets a Yeti, the one-eyed hairy fellow. It scared me just a bit I’d say, but he seemed rather mellow.
Besides I couldn’t get around him. He took up all the sidewalk. He leaned right in with his yellow-toothed smile. Suggested we have a talk.
“What about?” I gasped with a croak. While he cracked a terrible grin.
“Just between you and I.”
It involved a bit of sin.
“Linda,” he hissed, “your faithful wife has been slipping and sleeping around.”
“Give me break,” I countered. “I’d have heard in this very small town. Look,” I said reaching far behind and pulling a newspaper out. “It says right here adultery is nil. What are you talking about?”
“Well,” he said, “believe what you will. Believe it or not. Indeed I have to say really you should not believe everything you read.”

Donna Costly

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