Jan. 23, 2018 – Prompt – Travel, Breathtaking, Fruit

This weeks prompt use the three words in one or two sentences.


The extremely sour taste of this citrus fruit after having to travel so far is absolutely breathtaking.Bobbi Van Raalte


We were excited by the TV ad, traveled to Aruba, ordered way too many breath-taking fermented fruit juices they call Aruba Dulce, and the rest is a blank.

Donavin Leckenby


In my travel to Asia I came across a breathtaking fruit called the dragonfruit. Ugh, you had to hold your nose to get it into the mouth, but the fruit tasted good.

true story.
Ellynore Seybold


We traveled to the Grand Canyon where the view was so breathtaking I almost forgot to chew my fruit before swallowing.

Lorraine Ueeck


I travel to the top of a hill giving a breathtaking view of the tomato vines. “Fruit, Vegetable,” I pour some salt on a fresh ripe one, and take a bite, “Who Cares.”


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