Jan. 9, 2018 – Prompt – Star,Milk,Book,

My presentation: Hollywood movie stars will milk every word, every dollar out of your book.

Kevin Draper


Dear fellow travelers,

Hi, my name is Smudge! I’m a stray male cat who just got a new home. I had a family once before, and thanked my lucky stars every night – but something happened and then there was no food, no milk, no family.

I lived on the street for awhile and it was pretty rough. And then I found a house where a nice lady set out food for visitors like me.

She knew I was afraid, so she would sit with her book and be really still, talking sweet to me. She kept at it, twice a day for about 30 days.

And, one day, she reached out and touched me – – and it didn’t hurt!

She calls me Smudgie Big Head Robinson and says that’s my rapper name.

Yes, I have a new family now and they even let me sleep on their bed. I have 2 brothers, Jethro and Chico. Best of all, no one hurts me now – they brush me, feed me and pet me. So, don’t give up, keep trying everyday because there’s always someone out there to love you.

Love from Smudge. 😼 AKA Gretchen Robinson

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