December 12, 2017 -Prompt – Write About Your Favorite Christmas Book or Movie

When I was a child, the only Christmas books I had was Twas the Night Before Christmas and Bambi. I still to this day don’t understand what sugar plums are supposed to be. Back then, I thought they were prunes covered in sugar. Ick!

But I did like my Bambi book with all the graphics including the cover, which had a fuzzy texture. The story kept me captivated as my mother read to me Bambi’s adventures until I would fall asleep.

Today, I don’t have many childhood items left, and when my mother died a few years ago, my sister pulled the thin hardcover book with the frayed and torn book sleeve and handed it to me. Now, I have the story of Bambi and Thumper to enjoy as long as I want.

Nancy Nation


Great Joy! By Kate DiCamillo

My favorite Christmas book. My introduction to this illustrated children’s book was a Christmas Eve service. The pastor read a bit of it to tweak our interest.

A little girl is looking out her apartment window on a cold and snowy evening. She sees an organ grinder on the street along with his little monkey. She is worried about them and says so to her mother (there is no father in the story, perhaps he is off at war, the illustrations seem to be from that era).

Her mom brushes the girl’s concerns aside she is trying to get her out the door to the Christmas Concert.

At this point, the pastor paused, and read scriptures and a few hymns are sung.Then he continues the story.

On the street, the little girl lags behind her mother and stops to say hello to the organ grinder and his monkey. She invites him to the concert telling him there will be hot cocoa and cookies.

“Hurry,” says her mother.

The pastor stopped the story again, More scripture. More Hymns. Finally, he resumes the story. The girl is on the stage, dressed as an angel part of the pageant. Her turn to perform is coming, but she can’t remember her lines. but hasn’t been following the play. She is watching the door at the back of the hall.

It is almost her turn, what was she supposed to say?
Suddenly, the door in back opens. The man and his little monkey walk in, covered in snow. The little girl remembers.

“Great Joy!” she shouts.

Donna Costley


A Post Script: One member was totally surprised that everyone hadn’t picked A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Even more surprising some members choose Die Hard as their favorite.

December 5, 2017 – Prompt – Pretend you are one of Santa’s elves. Write a journal entry about your day.

Everything was going wrong today. The toy manufacturing parts supplier was behind. The delivery vehicle was in for repairs, and they ran into difficulties that would take three more weeks to fix, and it is two days before Christmas. Several of the elves on Santa’s management team have called in sick. It was probably a result of the cold front that came in from the South Pole.

Who knows if there would be a traditional Christmas this year. All the Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s events have satisfied most of the Christmas wish lists for children in the US and probably around the world. Amazon is now offering free delivery anywhere in the entire world. How can Santa compete with that. I overheard Mrs. Claus urging Santa to retire since there was too much competition from online retailers. On top it, the ASPC has sent a cease and desist warning letter to Santa about mistreating reindeer. And NASA is concerned about the unauthorized use of airspace.

I guess that means that elves like me will be out of work. What business would hire a nine-hundred-year-old 3 foot 2 elf with no experience in the retail marketplace? Oh well … Ho Ho HO!

Linda Scott


December, 26, 2016

So Christmas is over for another year. We overtime to build all those hover-boards, now we hear they are malfunctioning—catching on fire.

The big guy in the red suit is unhappy and searching for the culprit who assembled them improperly. That’s my area and I could lose my job before the day is over.

The bearded wonder was already in a bad mood because there was fog and snow on most of this trip and Rudolph had a cold and his nose wasn’t performing well. They had a few collisions with trees, chimneys and streetlights. Santa hit his head on a flashing yellow light and is dizzy this morning. He stumbled in to his bedroom and woke Mrs. Claus so she is in a foul mood too.

I think after I finish this I’ll write my letter of resignation. Maybe I can get a job with Jeff Bezos. I would think he can use help with all the orders he has to fill.

Mortimer Elf aka Chris Howard

November 28, 2017 – Prompt – use Flee, Coffee and Tradition in your response

Flee, Coffee, Tradition

It is a good tradition to drink lots of coffee before attempting to flee from the bulls in Pamplona.

JL Lahey


Cora’s tradition was to put salt in the coffee.
Not too many in the park liked that. It just wasn’t their thing.

Where it started was from Yuma’s water. Way before everyone decided, except for Cora, that desalted water was the “in” thing.

We all used to joke, “There was a process if you drank Yuma’s best outa the tap: first you go get the snippers, second find an indestructible tumbler, third open the faucet wide, fourth you let about five inches ooze out, more if you really liked the salt, fifth you snipped that off, and last you added distilled water and mixed vigorously.

Well that old joke didn’t go over well, and those who reacted unfavorably had to be ready to flee or face another tradition: a mild form of tar and feathering. Cora had frequently endured such festivities.

Afterward, she always replied to the inevitable question from someone in the mob, “What did you think of that?”

She’d retort, “Well except for the honor of the tar, feathers, and rail, I could have done without the ceremony!”

Cora still puts salt in her coffee, and that’s the way it comes for all guests at her home.

Donavin A. Leckenby