September 26, 2017 – Prompt-You Wake up in a Different City than the One you went to sleep in.

You wake up in the different city than the one you went to sleep in.

The story is as old as some vintage wine. I pass out in one place and wake up in another. That’s the usual version. However, the strange version is that I only had a sip of  wine. It was given to me by a weird looking man whose clothes seemed to be from a different era and his hair was as wild as the look in his eye. He grabbed me by the arm as I walked outside my office. At first he was incoherent. He didn’t make much sense. Eventually I calmed him down enough to discover he had this bottle of wine from some distant relative and I had to take it back to that relative who incidentally had the same name as mine.

That’s all I remember until this morning when I woke up in a room  familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. The sound of horses outside work me up and when I looked out it was like looking at my home from a distant century. A horse drawn carriage stopped in front and a younger version of that crazy man stepped out and headed toward the house.

Linda Scott

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