May 2, 2017 -Prompt – was a painting


donkey 2I am always at a loss for words when surrounded by asses.

J. L. Lahey


Four Donkeys Staring at an Unknown Object

Four donkeys stared over the fence.
Donkey number one— “So what do think?’
Donkey number two— “I don’t know; we have never seen anything like it before.”
Donkey number three— “Should we touch it? “
Donkey number four— “Do you want to touch it? I wonder if it bites? That funny man keeps running around waving that little box at us. I wonder what it is?”
Donkey number one— “look he keeps waving it at us. Listen, he is asking us if we want to be stars on You Tube. “
Donkey number three—“What’s You Tube?”

Jean Dunstan

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